andrewAndrew Cottrill: Writes about food, drink, life, smut, and the changing city around him. For Andy, Berlin is like a huge playground for adults – somewhere you can do what you want without having to turn into a real grown-up. His first Berlin Loves You experience was over a $1 kebab and a 50¢ Sterni. [email protected]

alisonAllison Krupp: Allison Krupp is a novelist and screenwriter, currently scouring the city for earnest conversations with other Berlin weirdos, writing about music, film, art, literature, and food. [email protected]

phillipPhilip Eggersglüß: Philip came to Berlin in January 2007. By May he’d started feeling that Berlin loved him. That’s when he started BERLIN LOVES YOU to spread the Berlin love. Together with many friends, supporters, creatives, entrepreneurs and Berlin lovers, BERLIN LOVES YOU evolved into what it is today. Philip’s first Berlin moment was at Rosenthaler Platz, back in the days when there was a Döner place playing Johnny Cash 24/7. To him, Rosenthaler Platz is the most vibrant place in Berlin uniting all Berlin has to offer! [email protected]

tomTom Taylor: Tom is a Welsh musician who writes about music. If you’re looking for him, check the nearest Lidl or Eck Kneipe – he’s more than certainly in one of the two. [email protected]

martinMartin Stokes: Martin hails from Johannesburg, South Africa. He digs writing about all manner of things and can quote lines from films like nobody’s business. He moved to Berlin in 2015 and is working assiduously at broadening his repertoire of bad jokes. [email protected]