Poetry Brothel is a Sex-Witch-Fantasy for You Literary Types

By Allison Krupp . October 25, 2019

Sexy witches. Provocative poetry. May 18th’s Poetry Brothel at Wedding’s Lotusloft.

Saturday, May 18th offers a particularly wild take on art, poetry, and seduction with the next rendition of Poetry Brothel. It yanks poetry from bad Tinder bios and sadly-written journal entries and fuels it into the “lush interior of the Lotus Loft,” with the theme: Full Moon in Scorpio. Hey-o, dark sex poetry lair of my dreams. 

poetry brothel springThat means promises of sexy witches, nocturnal goddesses, and other magical creatures, who all apparently — much like the rest of us Berlin-monstrous-assholes — “claim the night as theirs.” Together at the Poetry Brothel, we will dip into the night, spew delicious, pretentious, poetic nonsense, find pleasure in nooks and crannies (of the Lotus Loft, our brains, and our bodies — !), watch burlesque, have our tarot whispered sensually into our ears (apparently? maybe into it, not sure), and have one-on-one poetry delivered to us, straight from the hearts and souls of various poets.

And apparently, this Poetry Brothel will feature 10+ international poets, neo-burlesque and Shibari performers. For a small fee, you can dart into super-intimate settings with one of these sensual poets. It’s unclear what happens in these settings, beyond the titillating whispers of their provocative poetry. Think: you’re a cowboy, hot off a long, wild trip across desert and field, and you’re falling into bed with a “whore,” er — poetry queen or king. This is the key to reinvigoration. The reason you’ll find the next time you’re down. 

poetry brothel 2(Note here, before you stop reading — when buying a ticket, add “Moonlight” as a discount code to get 5 euro OFF wow, so worth it.)

So, yes. This spring’s rendition of Poetry Brothel is yet another reason to dart up to Wedding. Yet another reason to spew pretentious, poetic nonsense to our bedfellows and friends. Let’s lean into it, shall we? The world is burning, and we might as well get naked and feel things in the meantime. 

WHEN: May 18 at 7 PM


Gerichtstraße 23
13347 Berlin


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