Ludwig’s FŸNF Proves Good Decisions Also End in Hangovers

By Andrew Cottrill . February 9, 2021

Drink beer. Help save the world. With Ludwig’s FŸNF, it’s that simple.

Choosing which beer to drink… it’s a militant world. From the prols who drink Hasseröder and Lübzer, the ‘I’ll drink something Czech’ wankers, those who’ll only drink a beer brewed within a 10-mile radius of their own shithole town in Bayern, the people who drink Rothaus because the bottle’s pretty, the religious Becks fanatics, the craft beer idiots and… let’s not forget that weird guy who drinks Jever.

Then there’s people like me, who finely select beer based purely on its price (or lack thereof).

Well, Ludwig’s FŸNF just made the whole palaver of choosing a beer easier (whilst also somehow making it harder in the process).

Ludwig’s FŸNF is a Berlin brother-and-sister startup beer brand which offers a single Helles beer in five different bottles. Each bottle’s label represents a different facet of the world, and each bottle sold sends 10cents to charities working within those specific fields.

Earth, wind and fire.

Who do you feel like supporting today? Animals? The O-Zone? Humans (ugh)? By choosing one of Ludwig’s FŸNF’s different varieties, you’re actively supporting a charity which points in that specific direction – organisations currently making a big difference in the world, both locally and abroad.

Choices, choices, choices. Which would you choose?


Apollo – the flaming torch-bearer for protecting the climate and natural environment. The charity this beer currently supports is Berufstierrettung Rhein Neckar, who were out saving animals in the thick of 2020’s Australian bush fires.

Poseidon – the sea god committed to worldwide access to clean drinking water. Each purchase of this beer donates 10cents per bottle to Viva Con Agua, a Hamburg-based organisation which believes drinkable water is a human right and works within a number of water, sanitation and hygiene projects.

Gaia – Mother Earth herself. Each of this beer bought supports Grüne Liga Berlin, who are active in the areas of environmental protection and animal welfare.

Pegasus – the winged horse dedicated to clean air and CO₂ compensation. Currently, Ludwig’s FŸNF are cooperating with Atmosfair, an organisation who are working to off-set the impact of air transport on the environment.

Pandora – the first woman. This beer supports humanitarian projects such as education, health and gender equality initiatives. Currently, each purchase would support Jambo Bukoba, an organisation improving the lives of children and young people in Tanzania through sport and play.

And I did ask – and no, when you buy all five, Captain Planet does not appear.

Five worthy causes, one single beer.

Within each Ludwig’s FŸNF bottle is one single beer – a Helles-style beer brewed by an independent craft beer brewery in Spandau. The beer also upholds the company’s ecological and sustainable values, using BIO-certified malts and regional, quality ingredients.

The choice to only make one beer type… well, at first I found it strange. Then, I realised: it just simplifies their whole concept. Having different beer types in different bottles would detract from the whole point, and that’s to choose the beer which supports the causes which resonate the most with you. Beer preference shouldn’t come into it.

And, everyone loves Helles (except weird Jever dude).

A family business.

Ludwig’s FŸNF is Denise und Richard Ludwig, a pair of Berlin-based, go-getting siblings with a dream of drinking the world a better place. And, who can blame them? I’d love to live in a world where I get a societal pat on the back for drinking 10 beers in a night and ‘doing my bit’ for the planet.


The brand is currently crowdfunding their next batch of Ludwig’s FŸNF. If you like their idea, check out their GoFundMe campaign here.


Ludwig’s FŸNF on Instagram
Ludwig’s FŸNF on Facebook
Ludwig’s FŸNF’s website


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