Friedrichshain Kult-Kneipe Bier-Bar Faces Closure – Let’s Save It

By Andrew Cottrill . November 12, 2020

Bier-Bar – home of Der Klaus – is struggling to survive this lockdown. It’s on us to ensure it doesn’t close.

If you’ve ever been to Kopernikusstraße’s Bier-Bar, you’ll know exactly why it needs saving.

It means you’ve experienced the warmth, security and inner-peace that exists at the centre of one of owner Klaus’s open-hearted bear-hugs. It means you’ve survived the diamond-forming pressure of one of his life-affirming handshakes. It means you’ve been touched by the gentle kindness–almost parental devotion–demonstrated by Klaus and Anna to everyone who steps into their little Bier-Bar.


If you’ve not been to Bier-Bar: firstly, shame on you – only joking, but, if we don’t act, you might never get the chance to – secondly, why should you care?

Put simply, Bier-Bar is one of the last bastions of traditional Berlin culture in Friedrichshain. A real Eck-Kneipe. A living, breathing ecosystem, unique to this area and dedicated to the people within it. A place you can always count on to be open, a place you’ll always be welcomed inside.

And, once it’s gone, you know it’ll be replaced by some cut-and-paste Döner Laden, cookie-cutter 3rd-wave coffee shop or bizarre, hipster succulent shop and the world will never see Bier-Bar’s like again. We simply can’t let that happen.

Help keep Bier-Bar alive by donating on Paypal here.


A few Euros to save our Kiez-Kneipe.

Bier-Bar weathered the last lockdown, but this new one has placed the bar in an existential crisis. The bar’s rent is in the thousands, something it is incapable of paying without being allowed to open for business. If we don’t act now, it will close forever.

To help stop this, we have created a Paypal account. All money donated will go directly to Bier-Bar at the end of the campaign. Click here to donate.

It’s a simple idea: we all work together – paying a few Euros each to help cover-Bier Bar’s rent. That way, our Kiez-Kneipe will continue being there for us – beyond lockdown, beyond the pandemic and way off into the future.

You don’t have to donate a lot – 5-10EUR would be great (more even better) and we’re sure Klaus would appreciate every single Euro given. Collectively, we can make up the difference.

This isn’t an act of charity – it’s about supporting the fragile small businesses who are at the centre of our community. In Friedrichshain alone, we’ve already lost the little Badfish, FUC Bar and probably countless others. We can’t lose another one.

WhatsApp Image 2020-06-21 at 17.17.54

Help keep Bier-Bar alive by donating on Paypal here.

Kopernikusstraße 9,
10245 Berlin


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