Yeply.de Bicycle Repair Leaves No Bike Behind

By Philip Eggersgluess . August 23, 2020

Finally, a guaranteed second life for all of our old two-wheeled companions.

We get many requests to test stuff out, to write reviews and to promote businesses. We rarely do it.

But, when Yeply.de contacted us, we immediately jumped on the offer. Their business claim: get your bike fully repaired for a fixed, transparent price, in your own neighbourhood and within a time-frame of four hours.

Don’t get me wrong, I love to support our local dealers and our local bike shops, and I always choose them first. However, with current waiting times of up to four weeks and many stores turning your old, beloved ‘Backyard Corpse’ away and suggesting you simply buy a new bicycle, Finnish firm Yeply.de’s slogan sounded like exactly the thing Berlin was missing:

“Every bike is welcome.”


Well, we took two bikes along to see what Yeply could do with them. One had been sitting in the backyard for about four years and was, in pretty much every respect, done for. The other worked still but was certainly a shadow of its former self.

IMG_3956 IMG_3957

Yeply.de is a mobile bicycle repair service. Currently trialling in Berlin, they have a couple of high-tech bike repair trucks driving all around the city. In the daytime, they’re currently focussing on servicing companies and startups. In the afternoon and evening, it’s anyone who needs their bikes fixed.

I booked an appointment online. At the specified date and time, Yeply.de’s bike repair truck was stationed a few streets away from my house. Taking the bikes there, we checked them in with Yeply.de’s repair master. This involved an evaluation of the bikes’ conditions and it was agreed upon what would be included within certain pay packages. For very extensive jobs, there would be pre-agreed-upon extra charges for replacement parts.

Then, once a package had been agreed upon, the bikes were handed over and I proceeded to Dave Lombardo for a few mid-day beers (what else do you do on a hot Berlin summer afternoon?).

Within four hours, I received a text message informing me that both bikes had been fixed. They were beautifully restored and ready to be ridden again. Breaks working, gears all fine, handlebar grips either reglued or replaced. New chains on both bikes (a new chain costs about 10-12 Euros). Wheels straightened and all mechanisms lovingly oiled. The list goes on…

Backyard Corpses reborn, these bikes are now ready to ride and roll over the tough streets of Berlin once more.

IMG_3956 IMG_4085

The best thing about Yeply.de is that you already know what you will be paying. It’s a quick fix that literally comes to you – no more waiting, no more hidden costs, no more being rejected because your bike is too old. Full customer satisfaction guaranteed!

IMG_3965 IMG_3964 IMG_4030 IMG_3967

Check out Yeply.de here and see when they are in your neighbourhood. Book a slot online and bring that old buddy of yours back to life.

Thank you guys! We will be back!

Disclosure: we got to test the service for free.


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