13 Deliciously Cheap Places to Eat in Berlin (Chosen by Us)

By Andrew Cottrill . March 21, 2017

Berlin’s still a place where you can find cheap and tasty places to eat.

If anything, over the years the selection of cheap eats has got bigger as more cultures made their homes in this glittering city. Here are our writers’ favourite places to eat on the cheap in Berlin.

Cheap Eats in Neukölln

1. Azzam, Palestinian, Sonnenallee

“Azzam is the Palestinian imbiss you go to when you’re hard up and hungry. Extremely affordable grub enjoyed in a bustling atmosphere. Don’t order the ‘teller für zwei’ – it’ll destroy you. Or bring some friends.”


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Sonnenallee 54
12045 Berlin

2. Hamy, Vietnamese, Hermannplatz

“Hamy is King. It’s probably the best known eatery in Neukölln and something anyone living in the area needs to have in their armory of cheap eats. It just does the basics right, every time. You can’t beat the curry.”


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Hasenheide 10
10967 Berlin

3. PhoPhan, Vietnamese, Hermannstrasse Sbhf

“Pho Phan – because you can never a seat at Hamy (and who wants to stare at that gaudy casino by Huxley’s when you’re eating anyway)? The green curry – fresh and with a hint of spice – makes you realise how much you miss a little fire in your life.”

Hermannstr. 152
12051 Berlin

4. Mae Charoen, Thai, Karl Marx Str. U-Bahn

“Is not only one of the best Thai places in Berlin, but is also dirt cheap.”

Mae Charoen
Sonnenallee 134
12059 Berlin

5. Musashi, Sushi, Schönleinstraße

“I really like the hole-in-the-wall Musashi and for five or six euros, it’s definitely cheap. And something about the way the place is like a Japanese version of an old-fashioned NYC coffee shop floats my boat.”

Kottbusser Damm 102
10967 Berlin

Cheap Eats in Kreuzberg

6. İzmir köftecisi, Turkish Grill, Kottbusser Tor

“Izmir is a hole-in-the-wall on a side street off Kotti and we probably would’ve passed it by if a Turkish cabbie hadn’t dropped us off there, extolling the Köfte as an authentic taste of home. The smoky cumin-y lamb is perfectly grilled to order, folded in a pillowy roll with parsley, lettuce, & crunchy radish sticks, choice of garlic or spicy sauce or both. Bonus that it’s open until 3am which is the time you always want Köfte anyway.”


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İzmir köftecisi
Reichenberger Str. 10
10999 Berlin

7. Rissani, Middle Eastern, Görlitzer Bahnhof

“Rissani has been the same price since I moved here in 2010 and the quality hasn’t gone down one bit. The €2 falafel is amazing.”


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Spreewaldplatz 4
10999 Berlin

Cheap Eats in Friedrichshain

8. Fleischerei Domke, German, Warschauer Strasse

“Fleischerei Domke is probably the only thing that hasn’t changed in Friedrichshain in the last 20 years. It’s the taste of East Germany, the taste of meaty German classics hastily lumped onto a plate, covered in rich gravy and for €5. A favourite of every meat-eater (and builder, plumber…) in Berlin.”

Fleischerei Domke, German, Warschauer Strasse
Warschauer Str. 64
10243 Berlin

9. Marafina, Sudanese, Ostkreuz

“In an area full of North African/Middle Eastern places, Marafina really stands out. It’s clear the two guys who run it love what they do, and that’s reflected in the top ingredients and whole spices they use in their sandwiches and tellers. Their peanut sauce is the best I’ve tasted and they aren’t shy with it. Expect a mountain. I recommend the chicken and falafel sandwich (it’s not on the menu but order it!).”

Wühlischstraße 17
10245 Berlin

10. Pizza Dach, Pizza, Simon-Dach-Strasse

“€3.90 for a whole pizza. Need I say more? Is it a good pizza? Does it really matter? Pizza Dach must be open 24/7 and has become an institution for the anytime drunken cheap eat. La Mavra with extra corn is my pizza of choice.”

#feierabend #pizza #dach

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Pizza Dach
Simon-Dach-Straße 12
10245 Berlin

11. Heisse Theke Imbiss, German, Frankfurter Allee

“This is an odd one. Inside the Real supermarket at the Ring Center is an imbiss which makes the best roast pork rolls ever. For €2 you get a slice of pork larger than a book stuffed into a schrippe and smothered with mustard. €2! You can choose between schweinebraten, kassler and a range of leberkäse too. Just follow your nose once you get inside the supermarket.”

*We couldn’t even find photos of it on Instagram.

Cheap Places To Eat in Berlin Kassler im Brot
Photo: Yelp

Real Supermarket
Ring Center 2
Frankfurter Allee 113-117
10365 Berlin

Cheap Eats in Prenzlauer Berg

12. Café Morgenrot, Brunch/Vegan, Eberswalder Strasse

“Leftist collective-run cafe Morgenrot keeps Prenzlauer Berg from disappearing too far up its arse. Their delicious vegan brunch buffet remains one of the tasties (and cheapest) brunch spots in the city.”

Café Morgenrot
Kastanienallee 85,
10435 Berlin

Have we missed anything off this list? Let us know!


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