Your Berlin-Artist Soundtrack to Self-Isolation

By Tom Taylor . March 20, 2020

Someone’s switched off Berlin’s nightlife.

The beer’s run dry, the clubs lie empty and no one’s on the streets.

The C-word has – we hope temporarily – changed daily life in Berlin. ‘Self-isolation’ is the term of 2020. We’re stuck inside, or at least we’re supposed to be, and it’s pretty fuckin’ dull. While it ain’t much fun, self-isolating does afford us the chance to take a step back from our routines. It’s an opportunity to read that book gathering dust on the shelf, get a few more Deutsche sätze under your belt, and finally clean your apartment.

It’s also a great excuse to listen to a load of new music. You might not be able to go to a gig right now, but that doesn’t mean you can’t hear the sounds of the city. What you need is some tunes, something to sing from your balcony. What you need is a playlist.

Berlin Loves You have created a playlist of Berlin-based bands and artists.

I’ve chosen bands and artists whose music has made my time in Berlin memorable. They’re all contemporary, and this is in no way a ‘definitive’ Berlin playlist, but I hope you’ll enjoy what you hear. They’re all from the ‘rock/indie/folk’ side of the music scene, ’cause that’s what I like. It’s not because they won’t let me into Berghain. Honest.

Here it is:

So, who’s on the playlist?

Dig your alt-folk sounds? A.S. Fanning or Nansea will sort you out.

Singer-songwriting’s what floats your boat? Gemma Ray, Candice Gordon or One Room Hotel deserve your ears.

Psych more your thing? The Third Sound and Medicine Boy ought to do the trick.

Are you an indie kid? Shybits and Beat Degeneration will get you going.

Punks: Pisse are quite possibly the best punk band in the city.

Think you or your band should be on the playlist? Let me know!

Oh, and if you’ve got some spare cash, and some of you must do since you’re not buying litres of fassbier every night, then invest in an album or a t-shirt from one of these guys! They’re not making money any other way right now!

Stay safe n rockin’, Tom

(Cover photo: Candice Gordon live @ Huxley’s Neue Welt, 2017)


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