Pawn Dot Com – A Cocktail Empire in the Making

Pawn Dot Com 5

Sharlie Cheen is building a cocktail empire along Torstrasse. Pawn Dot Com. Hardly the classiest bar name in town (it’s actually a wordplay on its location – the former Königliches Leihamt, the emperor’s old personal pawnshop), it’s a new cocktail bar with classy aspirations. It’s part of Dustin Render’s invasion of Torstrasse. An unintentional invasion … Read morePawn Dot Com – A Cocktail Empire in the Making

Liron Schneider’s New Restaurant ‘Schneiderei’

Schneiderei Restaurant Berlin Yellowtail ceviche

Newly opened, we got a preview of new Dunckerstrasse eaterie, Schneiderei. Two weeks ago, I received a curious email inviting me to preview a restaurant. When I got there, the restaurant was a completely empty space save for a handful of small, candle-lit tables. I didn’t quite know what I was doing there until I … Read moreLiron Schneider’s New Restaurant ‘Schneiderei’

Fish Klub Is The Seafood Bar Berlin Needs

Fish Klub Markthalle Neun Seafood 3

What happens when a star restauranteur turns his hand to fishmongery? Well, it’s Fish Klub. It’s funny to see Daniel Lambert, the man behind what I coined ‘F’hain’s most exciting restaurant’, Khwan, and the person who has served me the best meal I’ve ever had in Berlin, working behind the fish counter at new Markthalle … Read moreFish Klub Is The Seafood Bar Berlin Needs

Mietendeckel: Five Years’ Rent Freeze – What Just Happened?


As the peasants rejoice and the fatcats ball their fists, we ask: is the Mietendeckel real? What does it mean for us? The fight for the new rent control law, “Mietendeckel”, is heating up. Today, the head of the Berliner CDU, Kai Wegner, announced that his party will definitely launch a constitutional complaint against it, … Read moreMietendeckel: Five Years’ Rent Freeze – What Just Happened?

Should Berliners Embrace Eating Insects?


In a city of eco-activists and bio-bandwagons, should Berliners embrace eating insect protein? In 2016, I interviewed Fernando from Mexican canteen and mezcaleria, Tentacion. He told me that, although he serves meat at his restaurant, he’s actually vegetarian. The only non-vegetarian thing he truly misses eating is: insects. I thought he was completely mad. Now, … Read moreShould Berliners Embrace Eating Insects?

200 Worldly Wines to Try at P-Berg’s La Cave


La Cave is a wine bar in Prenzlauer Berg that focusses on small wine producers from around the world. A passion project of Michael Rowe, it’s a million miles away (although only a few streets away) from his other venture: Badfish. Badfish, for those who don’t know, is a raucous, always-buzzing Irish pub that’s probably … Read more200 Worldly Wines to Try at P-Berg’s La Cave

Moksa 2.0: Berlin Indian Food Redefined. Again.


Once again, Moksa proves that the search for food perfection is at once both noble and sublimely irrational. If you don’t know Moksa, it’s Zed. And Zed’s search for Indian food perfection. His deconstruction of authentic Indian flavours takes him to extraordinary lengths to create his dishes. If you think there’s a little of Zed … Read moreMoksa 2.0: Berlin Indian Food Redefined. Again.

72 Hours in Italian Food and Spritz Heaven


For 72 hours next week you can sample Berlin’s best Italian food and drinks for cheap. Starting on Wednesday, September 18th at 5pm, 55 ‘True Italian’ restaurants all over Berlin will open their doors with the same fantastic offer, all up until Saturday evening, September 21st. An Italian regional speciality, an Aperol Spritz or Campari … Read more72 Hours in Italian Food and Spritz Heaven

5 Mad Japanese Startups IFA 2019 Wasn’t Ready For


Look out Europe, the Japanese are coming and they’ve brought eye-watering innovation with them. In the West, Japanese inventiveness is not only recognised, but revered. From ridiculous/ingenious Chindōgu-style gadgets, to ideas that have shaped our modern world, there’s always a gasp of anticipation when the Japanese open their metaphorical ideas-briefcase to show what’s inside. At … Read more5 Mad Japanese Startups IFA 2019 Wasn’t Ready For

Trump’s ‘Memoir’ Now Available auf Deutsch


In ‘Meine Fantastische Präsidentschaft’, the king of fake news gets a dose of his own medicine. You might know actor Alec Baldwin for his role playing a slimy, bollocks-talking ’90s businessman in the film Glengarry Glen Ross. But, more recently, Baldwin has become known for his impersonation of another slimy, bollocks-talking ’90s businessman. Namely: Donald … Read moreTrump’s ‘Memoir’ Now Available auf Deutsch

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