Riccardo Simonetti’s Priceless Tour of Berlin

By Andrew Cottrill . October 8, 2018

Riccardo Simonetti and Mastercard take us on a Priceless tour of the city.

Fashion blogger, TV personality and Jesus look-a-like Riccardo Simonetti takes us on a Hot Rod tour of Berlin to promote Mastercard’s Priceless Cities service.

Check out the video here:

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Riccardo Simonetti, of The Fabulous Life of Ricci fame, appears at Friedrichshain’s RAW Gelände, looking more Ava Gardner than Evel Knievel in his gold leather driving suit, ready for a Hot Rod City Tour around Berlin. In tow is Riccardo’s Born to Die Gang, a rough, rag-tag group of rockers who were probably once Motorhead roadies (or at least that’s what they tell teenagers).

Initially unimpressed by Riccardo’s neon-Jesus razzmatazz schtick, their luscious-haired leader tries to win the Gang over with a very-Riccardo Berlin day out.

Priceless Cities Riccardo Simonetti Hot Rod

This meticulously-planned trip consists largely of whizzing around Mitte in Hot Rod go-carts, eating bowls of cereal at some cafe and then hanging around outside the Bundestag taking selfies.

Really, Riccardo could have planned this last section of the tour a little bit better, by organising for the group to take the audio-tour around the Bundestag dome, designed by British architect Norman Foster, which offers a 360-degree view of Berlin’s cityscape. I think the Born to Die Gang would have really appreciated that.

At the end of the day, Riccardo exclaims: “Oh mein Gott das war eine der besten Erfahrungen meines Lebens.” We never get to find out what the rest of the Gang thought of their day out, but they were later spotted in a pool-cue-bar-brawl at Paule’s Metal Eck on Simon Dach Strasse.

Riccardo’s day out was to illustrate the many unique experiences you can have in Berlin with Mastercard’s Priceless Cities website. It’s a service the finance giant launched to offer Mastercard holders exclusive and discounted opportunities to discover new things around Berlin.

These include the Hot Rod City Tour, which is 25% cheaper when booked through Priceless Cities, and many other adventures, such as creating your own perfume at the Birkholz Perfume Manufacture, or eating at celeb chef Tim Raue’s Brasserie Colette for cheap. You can find all of the Berlin Priceless Cities experiences here.

If you don’t know who Riccardo Simonetti is, you’re not alone. Check out his website The Fabulous Life of Ricci to find out more.

Article sponsored by Mastercard.


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