Handwerk.de is Reinventing Germany’s Oldest Crafts

By BERLIN LOVES YOU . March 2, 2019

Ausbilding and hand-craft portal, Handwerk.de, is changing how we see hand-workers.

Germany’s a nation of hand-workers. They have proud traditions that’ve been alive for hundreds of years and still live on strong today.

Think of the wandering bands of Zimmermänner, journeying from town to town, applying their trades and learning new skills past down through centuries. They’re iconic. Their flared cord trousers (equipped with double-zips for easy removal if they were ever to fall overboard into the sea) and wide-brimmed black hats (to protect from falling wood chips) cast a long shadow. You won’t see anything like them anywhere else, and the Walz is like something from a fairy-tale book.

But that’s it: these traditions are old-fashioned. Medieval. They’re looking back into the past.

Handwerk.de are trying to change this – to show that careers in hand-crafting are modern, innovative and forward-thinking. The Ausbildung and hand-work career information portal wants to show new generations just what they can achieve with their hands. They pose the question: Ist das noch Handwerk?

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In their new campaign, Handwerk.de ambassadors Antonia, Johanna, Jimmy, Eric and Gunnar show what modern Handwerk looks like.

Here, 20-year-old beautician-in-training Antonia Ramb demonstrates how social media is changing the cosmetic industry. Through her Ausbildung, Antonia took over her training company’s social media channel (and even developed her own product line).

She uses social media to provide live and personalised cosmetic advice to her fans. But she goes further than that: she uses it as a platform to spread her positive messages against unrealistic beauty ideals. To Antonia, what’s important is that women feel comfortable first and foremost with themselves. She believes real beauty starts within.

The trade skills demonstrated by Handwerk.de’s five young ambassadors challenge perceptions about what it means to work with your hands in 2019. It’s a call to action for young, talented people to look outside of the office for long and fulfilling careers (because heck, offices are rubbish. Trust me.).

If you’re currently deciding which career path to choose, take a look at Handwerk.de and you might be surprised by what’s available to you. Plus, you could even find an Ausbildung in your area.

Article sponsored by Handwerk.de.


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