Creative ‘Corona Christmas’ Gifts Sorted By Vistaprint

By BERLIN LOVES YOU . December 7, 2020

Stuck for what to buy people this Corona Christmas? Create them something personal.

It’s going to be a weird one, this Christmas. For once, it’s not only the far-flung expats who won’t get to see their families this year. We’ll all be there on Christmas day, live via satellite, waving to our self-isolated families across Zoom.

But, in a year like this, how can you replace the simple act of gift-giving? How do you show your appreciation to friends and loved ones while staying safe? Thoughtful, handmade gifts have always been the best – and personalised gifts from Vistaprint are the perfect Corona Christmas alternative.

Show you’re thinking of them with personalised gifts from Vistaprint.

A lot has changed since the early 2000s’ heyday of Christmas eCards, and Vistaprint is very much living in the future. Now, you can completely customise any number of products – from cards to mugs to facemasks and even pens, caps and calendars – with your own photos, graphics and texts.

What’s amazing, though, is how little time it takes to create, order and deliver your custom Vistaprint presents.

Vistaprint’s editor

Their online editing tool offers tons of presets and templates you can use to start off your gifts, whilst enabling you to edit and control almost all aspects of what will end up on your final design.

A very Berlin Loves You Christmas.

Vistaprint got in touch with us to test out their tool and make some BERLIN LOVES YOU collector’s items of our own.

Using the characters from our website, we ordered some kitsch classy designs of our own to treat our writers with during this non-start Christmas.

Nothing says ‘Berlin’ like a magic crow mug.

Our crow is our magazine’s official mascot. Forget bears, crows really are the spirit animal of Berlin. They wear black, they hang out on the streets and they eat probably as much döner as we do (albeit… second hand).

Who wouldn’t want a mug of a crow with a Sterni cap in its beak (truly, our spirit animal), emblazoned on their morning coffee mug?

VistaPrint Berlin Loves You Mug Magic 2

VistaPrint Berlin Loves You Mug Magic 1
Magic mug shows design as it heats up.

Here he is again, next to a burning BSR bin (we’ve all been there) with the TV tower imposing itself in the background.

VistaPrint Berlin Loves You Mug

Express delivery with plenty of time to go till Christmas.

Even though we ordered an elaborate selection of products at once (two types of mugs, cushions, bags, fridge magnets)–and in rather large quantities, too–our delivery arrived within days.

We’d chosen the premium, Express delivery which costs extra but aims to offer product delivery in around three working days. The other two delivery options (Standard and Economy) are certainly cheaper but can be gotten for free if your purchase exceeds 50EUR.

VistaPrint Berlin Loves You Bag 1

Creative Christmas greetings to friends, family and business contacts.

If you’re stuck on what presents to give this bizarre Corona Christmas, check out Vistaprint.de and use a little creativity to show you care. Plus, it’s better than giving more cash to Amazon.

Visit vistaprint.de now to start personalising your own Christmas gifts.

Article sponsored by Vistaprint.


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