Beck’s New Ad Unleashes Our Inner David Guettas

By Andrew Cottrill . August 24, 2018

Beck’s Legendary Billboard advert proves we can all be as good as David Guetta.

You enter the stage, you press the big green button on the decks and BOOM! Music, lasers, balloons… and the crowd goes mental.

David Guetta’s luscious golden locks had nothing to do with it all along – we, each of us, have that singular power inside of us all.

Beck’s Legendary Billboard

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The set-up is simple: an innocuous street, an innocuous doorway, “Erst mit Dir wird’s legendär” (it only becomes legendary with you) dawbed in paint and a glowing green stripe of neon beckoning through the doorframe. Most people walk past without noticing it. Some take a cursory glance but then decided to walk on. A rare few curious creatures muster the courage to take a peek inside: and they’re instantly rewarded.

Suddenly they’re centre-stage at a packed-out venue; an ecstatic concert crowd erupts into feverish applause: they’ve been waiting for them.

Erst mit Dir wird’s legendär.

They’re ushered towards a big green button – perhaps the same big button (or at least same brand of big button) that launched David Guetta’s career all those years ago (although we’ve no evidence to prove this) – and are urged to push it. A countdown ensues. The crowd can’t wait. It’s the turn of these normal people to become legends: and they take it. They push the button.

Beck’s beer had already warmed the crowd up, but this single action sends them over the edge. Cue laser beams, a balloon drop and St. Pauli Tanzmusik band Le Fly burst into life. The reborn legends join the party, leading the dance of their adoring fans.

Afterwards, they’re taken off-stage to join the frenzied mosh pit and welcomed into the fold with an ice-cool bottle of Beck’s. Their job is done. And now they can enjoy their show.

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