Nice Up Your Ears! – Here Comes Berlin Community Radio

By Brendan Power . November 16, 2013


Last September saw the live launch of Berlin Community Radio, an exciting fledgling internet radio station broadcasting from the heart of Neukölln. BCR is the brainchild of ex-pat founders Anastasia Filipovna (Poland) and Sarah Miles (UK), with programming on the station described as representing “everything that is coming from, passing through or influencing the creative scene in Berlin”.


Still very much in its infancy, BCR has been receiving positive feedback from not only local listeners but also newly made fans listening online from all over the globe. As to be expected from a Berlin based radio station, there are plenty of excellent house, disco, and techno related shows on BCR such as the Pueblo collective and the flagship show Welcome to The Room, but there also exists a colourful variety of other musical genres and radio show formats. From the comedic stylings of the Sameheads posse in We Are Not Gemüsed to the singing Irishmen from Kleine Reise who like to kick back and entertain with chat and tunes on This Is Our Show, and the Caribbean dancehall musical flavour of Jerk Sauce, the aural diversity is anything but plain for all to hear.


Drawing inspiration from the amateur radio stations of 1990s, BCR is still welcoming submissions for new program ideas on a range of subjects such as music, art, food, lifestyle and events.  As listenership continues to grow apace, all those involved invite you to listen and join in the fun live at www.berlincommunityradio.com!

For more info click here
If you think you would like to be a contributor to the station click here

Photo credit goes to Anastasia


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