C-HR Festival is Tomorrow’s Innovations in Food, Art, Tech and Life

By Martin Stokes . October 12, 2016

Workshops, networking, lectures, food and music – these are some of the things to be expected as C-HR Festival premieres in Berlin from the 12th-23rd October at Kaufhaus Jandorf.


Using the same namesake as its sponsor’s newest innovation, C-HR Festival is a glimpse into the future that celebrates invention, creativity, sustainability and securing tomorrow.

The festival offers a massive line up of speakers, thinkers, musicians and artists, all geared towards the festival’s theme of “Tomorrow, Today.” The programme is heavily centred on art, design, architecture, sustainability, fashion, as well as technology.

Nils Kaskike

The C-HR festival asks questions on all important fronts of our society: What is the future of virtual reality? How can technology be used to create art? How can we become more sustainable in the future? And, perhaps most importantly, who is going to take us there?

Jonathan Strickland

The C-HR promises answers to these questions and many more. Not only will there be guests from Google and other industry leaders, but Jonathan Strickland from HowStuffWorks.com will be talking your ears off about the Internet of Things, where technology is taking us, and how our ever-increasing connectivity will affect us on a personal level.

The Bowl Feat. Eddie

It’s not only tech on the agenda, however. Jan Bredack, operator of the ubiquitous vegan supermarket chain, Veganz, takes to the stage to talk food and health, the status quo of the vegan diet, and how our attitudes towards food is impacting the future.

There will also be music every evening from the likes of Verena Wi, Eric Eberhardt, Liza & Kay, Tom James, Marlais, Dr. Atmo and others.


To end off the week artists will be showcasing complex and challenging exhibitions, all with the aim of encouraging reflection and discussion. This includes the works of OVERFLOW, Toni Spyra, Malte Stienen, Nils Kasiske, Tizian Baldiger and many more.

Toni Spyra

The festival is free of charge, but to ensure entry to the busy events you can also book your place here. All lectures will be available in full as a video on the C-HR Festival website.

C-HR Festival is held at Kaufhaus Jandorf, an old department store repurposed for modern events. The venue itself is a testament to the theme of the festival. An old space reinvesting itself with new ideas, antiquated floorboards supporting the feet and weight of thinkers who are driving the future forward, a temporal confluence of those who built before, those who stand now, and those that are to come.

Find out more at C-HR Festival’s website.
Visit C-HR Festival on Facebook.

C-HR Festival
12th – 23rd October 2016
Kaufhaus Jandorf
Brunnenstraße 19-21
10119 Berlin

Written in cooperation with C-HR Festival.


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