Jackie Charles’ Corners of Berlin: Funeral Parlor Teddy Bears and Rooftop Forestry

By Allison Krupp . July 25, 2019

Recently, us at Berlin Loves You have posed a rather experimental, almost personality-type question:

“What is your favorite corner of Berlin?”

And the answers have been as varied and interesting as the people behind them. Swedish artist Sandra finds time for reflection river-side at Freischwimmer, whilst author, playwright, and musician Robert Farrar speaks of dive bar Stammtisch with stunning sentimentality — “I guess we live in an age in which authenticity is both the pearl beyond all price and a rare and endangered bloom.” Artist and darkroom chronicler Rory Midhani draws up frenetic nights in the Ficken 3000 — whilst others answer with nostalgia, with memories, with just a sincere love for a particular späti’s beer selection — whatever. All answers are valid.

Recently, we featured nihilistic Berlin-based dream pop band Jackie Charles — and made sure to ask their favorite corner. Like many, it was difficult for them to pin down a single corner — and I love their chaotic answers, with corners dotting across the Berlin map.


Jackie Charles: Corners of Berlin

First, they kept things literal and down-to-earth. 

A specific corner we often go to is a bar that is actually called corner bar. As far as corners go, that’s pretty cornery.

Then, a mix of grit and beauty — such is the Berlin way. 

Then there’s the bunker next to Gesundbrunnen station where you can bring a beer and look at the sunset.

There’s an otherwise unassuming bridge close to where we live, next to some train tracks that just have a special vibe.

Then, they added a touch of the bizarre. 

There’s a rooftop garden on top of a pretty small building with a literal forest on top, and we don’t understand how that is structurally even possible. The trees on top of there are massive, and where do the roots go?

We don’t know, Jackie Charles. We just don’t know.
Then, they piqued our curiosity. 

There’s the store-front windows with decorations that have nothing at all to do with what the store sells, like a funeral parlor with teddy bears and toy frogs. And a bakery with a huge motorcycle.

There was an Apotheke with an impressive collection of porcelain Dalmatians.

These things we love.

And zum mitnehmen boxes on the street. Zum mitnehmen boxes fo lyfe. 

We whole-heartedly agree, Jackie Charles. Thanks for playing our game. 

Make sure to check out Jackie Charles here, or at their website, here.


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