Is Grilling the Best Part of the World Cup? Ask Edeka

By Andrew Cottrill . June 6, 2018

Edeka’s new viral ad proves that the World Cup isn’t about winning, it’s about eating as much grilled food as possible.

Berlin’s the city where true talent always gets sidelined by the ‘tasty’ things in life, where hedonism kills hard work, and we love it that way. If we were this team, we’d do exactly the same thing as they do, except maybe we wouldn’t have even turned up to training because we’re already too good to practice and there was a really good party the night before at Renate.

Check out ‘Die (gar nicht mal so traurige) Geschichte von Neurundland’, Edeka’s new viral advert, here:

Who needs glory when you’ve got steak? I wonder what FC Neurundland’s vegetarian or vegan players think about this situation, when they’ve just thrown the championship game and all they get in return is some grilled zucchini on a stick or a bit of corn. FC Neurundland needs to up their grilled veggie game and maybe introduce a variety of hummuses and salads to their BBQ offering. Or maybe the veggies and vegans are just alcoholics (and rightly so) and just throw the games so they can get wasted with their mates. Also a good option!

Win a badass grill in time for the World Cup

Jealous of this team’s mean grilling machine? Good. Edeka are also running a competition where you can win a LEX 485 Edelstahl Gas-Grill from Napoleon® plus many other grill-related prizes. To enter the competition, click here.

Happy grilling this World Cup.

Sponsored post by Edeka.


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