Berlin Wakes Up to HelloGoodPie!


The first in our 3 part interview series with Irish Berliners to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day features Matt Minch, a man with a tasty pastry plan to surprise and excite your Berlin mouths.  With HelloGoodPie, he’s bringing the secret of good pies to Berlin, and he wants you to know all about it. For more details, … Read more Berlin Wakes Up to HelloGoodPie!

St. Patrick’s Day Berlin 2014


(Poster from 2011) St. Patrick’s Day, Ireland’s national holiday, is not only celebrated in the emerald isle on March 17th, but has reached virtually all corners of the world as this fine tradition continues to follow Ireland’s many emigrating children who continue to seek new lives abroad. This year the Berlin version of the festival … Read more St. Patrick’s Day Berlin 2014

Berlinale in Review

black coal

So that’s it. It’s over for another year. Bye bye movie stars, so long famous directors, fair well artsy documentaries and Asian film noir. Now that the Berlinale has moved on ’til 2015, it won’t quite be a case of returning to a film diet of chick-flicks and blockbusters, but I will miss the surprise … Read more Berlinale in Review

Berlinale goes from the Beach, to the Square, to the Scrapyard.


The Berlinale continues apace this week, with 5 more movie-packed days left before all the stars move on to greener pastures and the red carpets are rolled up and put into storage for another year.  After hunting celebs and hanging around the press conferences for the bigger movies entered in the competition, I decided to … Read more Berlinale goes from the Beach, to the Square, to the Scrapyard.

The Power of The Cunt – “Nymph()maniac” & “20,000 Days on Earth”


  If you ever want to see grown men and women drop all social airs and graces and revert to running like kids getting out of class on the last day of term, then come on down to the Grand Hyatt at Potsdamer Platz.  This is what seems to happen after every major press screening … Read more The Power of The Cunt – “Nymph()maniac” & “20,000 Days on Earth”

Berlinale Premiere: The Grand Budapest Hotel


Yesterday I had the enormous  privilege of representing Berlin Loves You at the first day of the Berlinale Film Festival which is taking pace at locations all over the city, but most of the action is centered around the press hub of the Grand Hyatt Hotel, and the multiple movie theaters of the Cinemaxx complex. … Read more Berlinale Premiere: The Grand Budapest Hotel

Return of the T Room Sessions


After a two month break, Sweat Lodge Radio‘s The T Room Sessions are back with a new season at Prince Charles in Kreuzberg on Feburary 7th.  There is no admission fee, so this is a fantastic way to check out top class DJs at no cost and really get your weekend going in the right groove. The T … Read more Return of the T Room Sessions

Prepare the popcorn, the Berlinale is coming!


  With Berlin Fashion week now slowly (but surely) receding from our minds, the next annual winter institution is about to grip the city in the form of the Berlin International Film Festival, better known as the Berlinale.  For the uninitiated, the Berlinale is a little bit like the German version of the Oscars and is … Read more Prepare the popcorn, the Berlinale is coming!

New Year’s Clubbing Forecast


2013 –> 2014 We’ve all been here before. It’s just after midnight on December 31st, you’ve just finished your second (maybe third?) bottle of frothing Rotkäppchen, eaten what is probably your third or fourth ‘big feast’ of the week, and are wondering what to do next. You know, or at least have been told, that … Read more New Year’s Clubbing Forecast

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