Go Green or Go Home – St. Patrick’s Day Festival is Back Again


The St. Patrick’s Day Festival (aka the drunkest day in March) is back at its new home, Birgit&Bier. Now into their 8th year, the festival is back on the 16th of March with a killer series of jigs, reels, DJs and all the finest Paddywhackery you’ve come to expect from the boys and girls in … Read more Go Green or Go Home – St. Patrick’s Day Festival is Back Again

St. Patrick’s Day Berlin 2014


(Poster from 2011) St. Patrick’s Day, Ireland’s national holiday, is not only celebrated in the emerald isle on March 17th, but has reached virtually all corners of the world as this fine tradition continues to follow Ireland’s many emigrating children who continue to seek new lives abroad. This year the Berlin version of the festival … Read more St. Patrick’s Day Berlin 2014

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