“Russian Anal Game” Thrusts SADO OPERA’s Love Gun Straight into World Politics

By Andrew Cottrill . April 3, 2017

Berlin’s premiere make-up-wearing, free-loving, glam-rocking, suck-cocking, electro-bopping, gender-bending, twitter-trending musical outfit, SADO OPERA, are back.

The iconic Wilde Renate houseband, SADO OPERA, are celebrating the release of their new double A(nal) side, Russian Anal Game/Kissing the Gay Guy. Whilst the band are usually blowing their glam rock pipes of pan-sexuality and spreading love (and legs) wherever they go, this time around they’re taking a political stance (albeit in their own inimitable way).

I was lucky enough to speak to the band about Russian Anal Games, Conan O’Brien, choosing between holes, porn tastes and their latest sticky release.

How would you describe SADO OPERA (for someone who’s stupid enough to have not heard of you)?

SADO OPERA is an extravagant music band from Russia, based in Berlin. We perform in black and white make up and flamboyant outfits. We are pan-sexual, gender fluid and we combine a pop show with an art punk performance.

What’s your new single, Russian Anal Game, all about?

Just as intelligence agencies are currently trying to determine exactly how deeply Putin has penetrated the Trump administration, we have some breaking news: it’s the “same, same same… Russian Anal Game”. Basically, the song mocks the nation’s fixation on control and dresses it up with a Eurodance beat. There is also a B-Side – “Kissing the Gay Guy”. Which takes a more Italo-disco direction, exploring homoerotic love and the confusion it brings—sung from the perspective of a suspecting woman.

A PornHub infographic showed that ‘anal’ is the top porn search term for both men and women in Russia. Does this help explain what’s happening there?

We are happy to know that men and women in Russia have at least one common interest. Generally, we see the human anus as a symbol of gender equality. But we can’t trust these statistics: what if Russian men are using their wife’s/sister’s/mom’s computers to watch anal porn so that KGB agents won’t consider them gay? By the way, PornHub is now banned in Russia so this could also just be Russian police who are watching. Why not! They are also humans after all.

Do you think a good bit of anal would benefit these ‘Kremlin Criminals’?

Well, the song is not about anal sex. It’s about greed, domination, corruption and the same old tricks those people are turning, taking the same power trips, eternally clenching their buttholes. They might already have a lot of anal. Secretly. But regardless of what conservative people believe… anal sex doesn’t change people. For the better as well as for the worse. It’s just one of the many pleasures in the garden of earthly delights.

Who wears more make up for their shows? Conan O’Brien or SADO OPERA?

Conan looks so sexy and attractive. He might wear a lot of make up. But for the show that we did together with him, Conan really outdid himself. He joined us on stage in a full SADO OPERA makeover and found himself subject to our rapacious advances. This was a fantastic show that became a part of his “Conan Berlin” special.

We are big fans of his. Don’t know about makeup, but what we can say for sure is that Conan wears more clothes for his shows than we do for ours.

Has being in SADO OPERA had any inverse effects on your health?

We became free as a bird. Literally. During the years of performing our genitals fused with our anuses. Which gave us a chance to avoid the dilemma of choice. Why choose between two holes when you can pick the winning option – cloaka. Two in one. Isn’t it wonderful?

Do you think SADO OPERA will ever go make-up free like KISS did with Lick It Up?

The biggest difference between KISS and SADO OPERA is that we are beautiful even without makeup. But for us it’s like a burqa in some Islamic traditions: only lovers are allowed to see our naked faces.

You’ve made Renate your home in Berlin. How would you describe the family they’ve built there?

We fell in love with each other ever since our first gig there back in 2011. It was a one night stand which turned into a long-term relationship. This famous big nightclub has managed to create the amazing atmosphere both for the club-goers and the people who belong to Renate-family. Everyone who is involved in making this club such a unique and special place is very dear to us and we feel happy to be a part of this big community.

It is also great when we get to travel all together with the fellow artists – the residents of the club. Renate travels quite often. And last summer we made a big Renate showcase in Russia.
“Krugozor” – a club in Moscow was transformed into “Wilde Renate” for one night. With all the typical decorations and Renate’s resident DJs on all the dance floors. It was so wonderful to bring the free spirit of Berlin to the people of Moscow.

The club is turning 10 years this September and we wish the lady many more years to come!

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