“These Rhythms are as Free as Breathing Itself” – Zeng Xiaogang @ Theaterhaus Mitte

By John Perye . July 20, 2015

Guqin is called “the instrument of the sages” for good reason. It is China’s oldest string instrument, part of the zither family, dating back thousands of years. Translated literally, guqin means ancient stringed instrument. Carrying on the tradition is Zeng Xiaogang, who will be in Berlin showing the people how it’s done.

XiaogangZeng Xiaogang is a guqin soloist from China who lived for several years in Sweden where he studied world music. In Xiaogang’s words, “My associations on guqin are already much further than just the Chinese classical context, these rhythms are as free as breathing itself.” His understanding of music for guqin he learned from Western music, and extended diverse folk music such as Scandinavian and Arab music. Guqin is his spiritual path that he commits to every day, which he returns to again and again. “Guqin is the teacher and friend of my life.”

Zeng Xiaogang’s Guqin Solo Concert + Special Guests:

Boris Magdalenc: percussionist and Hang Drum player from Slovenia

Dawangggang: Chinese avant-garde music

Kei Minoura: Dancer, Japan


Marcelina Wellmer

Stefan Lingg


Theaterhaus Mitte

Wallstr. 32 (House C), 10179 Berlin


Thursday July 23rd

Doors open: 7pm

Start: 8pm

Admission: 12 €


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