Zàgara – Pure. Simple. Delicious Ice Cream

By Sarah Magill . May 6, 2021

With a focus on refining the flavours of carefully chosen ingredients, this little Italian ice cream parlour in Kreuzberg is fast becoming a Berlin-wide sensation.

Positioned just around the corner from Schlesi, you can imagine that on a sunny day in non-Covid times, Zàgara would be heaving. But, despite the plague and the non-compliant weather, there was still a steady stream of customers when we popped in for a visit.

The first thing that hit us was their bold and unusual selection of ice cream flavours: spinach and banana? Salted lemon sorbet? Their menu is unique, creative but – most of all – thoughtful.

Berlin Ice Cream Week 2021

Zàgara is taking part in Berlin Ice Cream Week 2021. Between Thursday, May 6th and Wednesday, May 12th, 31 of the city’s best ice cream parlours will be offering a specially created scoop for just 1€.

During the week, Zàgara will be offering their amazing green banana and spinach.

Green Banana & Spinach // Sicilian Orange

Despite our initial scepticism, we were sold after the first mini-spoonful. Amazingly rich and with a perfect balance between sweetness and tanginess of the bananas – it was vegan ice cream without compromise.

Zàgara has a simple philosophy.

“Our motto is: the purer the better. You don’t need to add lots of different things, it’s about extracting true flavour from just one or two ingredients”.

WhatsApp Image 2021-04-29 at 10.58.49

Founded and run by a trio of Italian amici, Tiziana, Gil and Riccardo, Zàgara has managed to attract a following despite all that’s been thrown at them over the past year. They’ve successfully built a loyal customer base of neighbourhood regulars and adventurous patrons who come from further afield especially for their ice cream.

Their philosophy of getting the most of each ingredient also means having to discover and source the right ingredients. From African dark chocolate to Sicilian lemons, Zàgara searches the world over for top-quality ingredients – and recipe inspiration.

Zàgara’s Signature Flavour

Next up were more I-can’t-believe-it’s-not-cream vegan flavours: a delectable orange and almond, pure pistachio and their signature flavour – beetroot and dark chocolate.

Beetroot & Chocolate

Earthy and rich, it had a subtle level of sweetness that you only find with the best chocolate ice creams. We all were astounded by the depth of taste achieved by ice cream devoid of, well, cream.

empty ice cream pots
Berlin Loves You can’t say no to ice cream

By the time we had finished, leaving behind an embarrassingly tall stack of empty pots, we could clearly see why Zàgara’s customers were willing to come from all over Berlin for a simple scoop of the ice cream creations Zàgara serves up.

Visit Zàgara

Köpenicker Str. 4
10997 Berlin

Zàgara’s website


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