Friedrichshain’s Peggy Bee Is An Unforgettable Eisladen

By BERLIN LOVES YOU . June 2, 2021

New hidden gem Peggy Bee is committed to dynamic flavor, inventive recipes, and the kind of welcoming atmosphere one rarely feels in Berlin.

About four weeks ago, artisan gelateria Peggy Bee opened its doors along Traveplatz, just northeast of bustling Boxi. Roman-born owner and dynamite ice-cream-maker Enrico tells us he’s worried about the neighborhood — that it seems too quiet to bring in much foot traffic. But these are not ordinary times, we tell him; the kiez will soon rise again. And if there’s one thing certain about Deutschland — it’s that, once the sun shines, Eis-cravings become problematic. We’ve all seen those fifty-person queues for much lesser gelaterias.

What we’re saying is — Peggy Bee deserves a queue and will get it. Fast. Stake your claim in line now. It’s bound to be a doozy.


Buffalo Ricotta, Pear and Spiced Chocolate Gelato

Peggy Bee’s Berlin Ice Cream Week 2021 offering is a one-euro scoop of buffalo ricotta, pear and spiced chocolate gelato — and it’s just about as divine and inventive as it sounds. Enrico is anxious about it as we taste, as he says he’s in the midst of developing it and getting the spiciness just-so (something that’s assuredly been mastered since our brief stop-in last week — as perfection is clearly Enrico’s way).

“The spiced chocolate, I just melted down and sprinkled in cayenne pepper. The spiciness comes after a few seconds. You’ll see.” There it is: that tingling sensation — another layer in a truly dynamic Eis-experience.

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The richness is quite unique. Straight from the teats of Neapolitan buffalo, the milk used in this particular creation is more delicate than sheep’s milk and stronger than cow’s.

“In Italy, buffalo ice cream is more of a trend than a tradition, and it’s been increasing in popularity in recent years,” Enrico explains.

Enrico of Peggy Bee

An Artist in the Ice Cream Game 

Mr. Peggy Bee is not what you might expect from a typical gelataio. In ordinary times, he works as an advertising filmmaker. Naturally, all that shifted last year. “I couldn’t move around for work, so I thought, why not learn how to make ice cream?” He took classes through a culinary school in Rome — and clearly has an excellent knack for it. Other flavors we tried included Wild Cheescake (berries and cookie crumble) and Sicilian Pistachio.


Watch the pistachio-making in-action in this video.  

Peggy Bee – A Family-Run Eisladen

Peggy Bee is a family affair. Enrico’s wife, Caty, manages the accounts and serves up the Eis — and their kids helped come up with the name. Enrico has set his sights high on where Peggy Bee will go, saying, “I don’t want it to just be about Italian ice cream, here.” Peggy Bee has potential for international branding; it’s memorable and it’s adorable. And the Eis is certainly killer enough to make the brand strong.


In the future, Enrico wants this Traveplatz location to be a sort of community hub, a place for people to work and hang out and overindulge — but he won’t alter his recipes to suit any health-nut crowd. Of this, he says, “Ice cream is an indulgence. I think it’s better to have it once a week, rather than to have less sugar and healthier ingredients.”

Berlin Ice Cream Week 2021

Peggy Bee is a part of Berlin Ice Cream Week 2021. Between Thursday, May 6th and Wednesday, May 12th, 31 of the city’s best ice cream parlours will be showing off their best, special-edition flavours for just 1€ a scoop.

During the week, Peggy Bee offers the exquisite buffalo ricotta with pear and spicy chocolate, which we thoroughly recommend.

Find out more about Berlin Ice Cream Week 2021 here.

Visit Peggy Bee:

Weichselstraße 13
10247 Berlin



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