Sweet Distraction – It’s Berlin Ice Cream Week 2021!

By BERLIN LOVES YOU . April 30, 2021

Berlin Ice Cream Week is May 6-12, and it’s the first thing you’ve had to look forward to in a year.

Nobody loves ice cream like Berliners. Ramp up this obsession with a bunch of quasi-depressed Berliners in the midst of a world-wide pandemic — and you have a city that doesn’t just want ice cream, it needs it.

Friedrichshain’s wonderful Peggy Bee

Our friends at True Italian have orchestrated the second annual Berlin Ice Cream Week from May 6-12, with 31 ice cream parlours across the city offering weird and wonderful, special-edition flavours for just 1€ a scoop — think buffalo ricotta with pear and spicy chocolate, lemon curd mascarpone biskuit, pistachio tiramisu, orange and fennel, and out-of-this-world varieties, like asparagus and avocado sorbet with tomato sauce and nachos. For just a euro? We’ll try anything. Let’s get some variety back in our lives, shall we?

For a full list of participating ice cream parlours and the flavours they’re serving, click here. 

Or check out this handy map for eis-in-your-area.

Berlin Ice Cream Week map 2021(1)

But wait — you could also win stuff. 

Foodie-Instagrammers, rejoice! Snap a photo of yourself, your ice cream, yourself covered in ice cream — or some combination of ice cream, Berlin, you, your dog, the dog you borrowed from another person in line, etc. — and tag it with the relevant #berlinicecreamweek and @trueitalianfood.

If your Instagram photo is deemed the best post of the week, you’ll get an ice cream-making machine, valued at 300€.

If you hate Instagram but still love the idea of winning, there’s an offline contest as well. Grab a map of Berlin Ice Cream Week at a relevant Berlin Ice Cream Week location. When you buy a scoop at any given participating parlour, ask for a sticker and place it on your map. When you’re up to five, take a photo of your sticker-covered map and send it in to trueitaliancontest@gmail.com. This way, you’ll be entered to win 50€ worth of ice cream vouchers. That’s a lot of scoops.

Berlin Ice Cream Week
May 6-12, 2021

Check out this interactive map of all participating Berlin Ice Cream Week Parlours:


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