Tom’s Gig Guide #13 – Hawk, Russian Graphical Sound, The Suffers and Cloud Nothings

By Tom Taylor . March 1, 2017

It’s going to be 13 degrees this weekend. THIRTEEN DEGREES. I never thought this would happen. Suddenly I feel inspired to start doing stuff and (most importantly) getting my groove on. You too? Here’s what’s raising the temperature this week in Berlin’s music scene. Bit­te­schön…

Friday 3rd March

Hawk @ Schokoladen

Anglo-Irish moody post-rock-pop beast Hawk have recently moved to Berlin from London to seek their fame and fortune. Aren’t we lucky to have them? Indeed we are. The band are on a creative roll since settling here and have recently released the She Knows EP, which is exactly the kind of thing fans of Warpaint and Slowdive should be listening to. Their gig at Schokoladen this Friday, their first in the city, is sure to be a banger. Dreamy Berliner shoegazers Bikini Jesus (now that’s a mental image) are supporting.

The Facebook event is here.

Saturday 4th March

Risovannyj Zvuk: Graphical Sound in Soviet Russia and beyond @ SPEKTRUM Art Technoloy Community

berlin_loves_you_gig guide spektrum_art_technology

Now here’s an interesting one.Take some experimental musicians, add pens and paper and what do you get? Graphical sound, that’s what. It was a recognised discipline in Germany during the 1930s, but the Russian equivalent wasn’t internationally acknowledged until fairly recently. The release of the book ‘Sound In Z’ in 2013 certainly piqued interest in the Russian form of graphical sound. Not got the book? This event provides a neat overview of the movement with the help of an installation, a lecture and a performance.

Intrigued? Find out more here.

Sunday 5th March

The Suffers @ Kantine am Berghain


Texan party band The Suffers certainly don’t do things by halves. This eight-piece group of musicians create a life affirming cacophony of soulful dance music. Their kitchen sink approach to music making is uplifting and the result is a colourful and fresh soul band sound. There’s everything from Southern hip hop to classic rock & roll bursting out of this ensemble, which is lead by the compelling Kam Franklin. Lift your spirits up and gift yourself a boogie this Sunday down at Kantine am Berghain.

More details here.

Tuesday 7th March

Cloud Nothings @ Bi Nuu

Dylan Baldi and his band Cloud Nothings have quietly become one of the most exciting rock bands of the 2010s. Baldi’s stripped-to-the-bones songwriting and sandpaper voice make Cloud Nothings’ music a refreshing return to the roots of what made ’90s rock so exciting. Like Car Seat Headrest, Cloud Nothings are exactly the band who you should turn to if you’re looking for fresh indie rock sounds in 2017. They’re playing Bi Nuu in support of their new album Life Without Sound.

All you need to know is here.


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