Stop Swiping. The Inner Circle is the Best Way to Find Love in 2017

By Allison Krupp . November 29, 2016

Us Berliners live a seemingly perpetual youth: dancing and dosing and recklessly adventuring through the night. “Maybe I’ll settle down someday,” is the actual hurrah of a 40-something guy we’ve all met on the U8. (Those that went home with said 40-something guy do maintain regrets.)

But finding noble partners with whom to stride off into that Berlin Sunday morning, complain about hangover headaches, and, you know, get it on with, isn’t so easy.

Enter the Inner Circle: a dating app that requires approval, thus eliminating stranger-danger and, assumingly, any men who still wear those ‘90s puka shell necklaces or women too into the Fuller House revival series (sorry, just not into it). It’s a self-ascribed “non-elitist,” yet sexy tribe, offering interesting individuals, all in a similar phase of life. Members are professionals. These people are creatives. They’re marketers. They’re teachers. They’re from all interests and backgrounds and continents, rigorously selected for their ambition and good looks.

couple enjoying champagne

And dammit, they’re cool, and we should hang out with them. And maybe sleep with some of them, if they’re into that and have been tested and have washed their sheets this month, maybe.

The Inner Circle has already grabbed London, Amsterdam, Paris, and Stockholm by the heart strings, linking lonely singles together, all with this similar “je ne sais quoi.” Swipe (like Tinder), search by neighborhood or area, or even write a personal message.

The Inner Circle also hosts monthly parties for members at both extravagant and cozy venues, grouping like-minded, super-hot singles, eliminating the distraction of their poorly-written online bios and adding a dash of chemistry to the mix. “Meeting some guy at the bar” no longer sounds so iffy. You’re in the Inner Circle now.

The takeaway: The Inner Circle sees your poetic loneliness, your somber walks by the Spree, your Chrome tabs of single-serving recipe ideas, your Hugh Grant-heavy Netflix watchlist. With 1/3 of the Berlin population without a sexy Brunch-eating partner, what have you got to lose?

Join The Inner Circle Here.

Inner Circle is free to sign up. What’re you waiting for?


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