Single in Berlin? Summer Love is Yours at April’s Sexiest Party

By Allison Krupp . April 5, 2018

The Inner Circle’s next “Party Bliss” at Sodom & Gomorra on April 19 sizzles with hope for spring romance, or a bit of zesty banging, for all you Berlin singles out there. 

If you’ve lived here long enough, you know: dating in Berlin ain’t easy.

The city’s no safe haven for bar-flirtation. Whether it’s arrogance or ignorance or the limitations of too-tight black jeans, people don’t tend to approach. No matter how thick your eyelashes (or your eyebrows), expect to sip that Pilsner alone, stewing in cigarette smoke and wondering how to verbalize that you’re just “too progressive” for relationships to your parents at Christmas. 

Party ladiesBut you’re single. And summer’s coming up fast: a time for daydreamy Hasenheide picnics and sekt-guzzling by the Spree…

…and long, steamy nights in some attic apartment near Kotti with someone special. Someone still yet to grace your Instagram stories or learn your middle name and how you like your kebab.

The Inner Circle understands you demand something more than the cold calculation of a dating app. You’re smart, witty, charming, and you need a vibrant ecosystem to match–one built for meeting similarly intellectual, driven individuals who are ALSO looking to fuck—and even care for you and learn about your favorite books and take you to brunch every once in a while. Scones are meant to be shared, dammit. Only Patrick Bateman-types drink mimosas alone.

Buy Tickets to the “Cool and Quirky” Berlin Singles Event Here. 


Lucky for you, on April 19, The Inner Circle’s hosting the quirkiest, sexiest event of the year: a “Blissful Night at Sodom & Gomorra.” It’s merging everything you like about Berlin (the dark artistry and poetry of the people who flock here) with the quirkiness of your soul (you’re an individual outside the boundaries of your 40-word Tinder bio, dammit).

Sodom & Gomorra is one of Mitte’s finest, on the glittering Torstraße. It bubbles with creative energy, providing an eclectic backdrop, and fueling you (and prospective partners) to approach, to meet and greet, to ask questions without feeling like you have three heads.

A 15-euro ticket gets you in (small price for lifetime happiness, methinks) and a delicious drink upon arrival.

Butter yourself up, put on your brightest, very-un-Berlin smile, and remind yourself that you’re worth more than all those hours you’ve spent being ignored at your local Neukölln bar.

You’re an artist. A writer. A start-up guru. A fellatio expert. A Paul Thomas Anderson-wannabe, or the single-greatest ABBA-karaoke singer this side of the Berlin wall. Speak your truth, and find your love. At Sodom & Gomorra, on the day of our lord, April 19, 2018.

Click Here For More Information About The Inner Circle’s “Party Bliss” on April 19th!

Sponsored by The Inner Circle.


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