Tongue Tied: Silent Dating in Berlin

By Sarah Luisa Santos . April 11, 2014

dating in berlin

I think we all have some funny, weird, and not so happy story about dating in Berlin. I mean, what makes it so difficult to date in this city?

Asking herself this same question, Maggie from vintage boutique Rag and Bone Man decided to act by creating Tongue Tied.

Tongue Tied is an event based around the “Silent Date Night” concept. Taking place at her shop in Neukölln, the event works like this: with 20 participants, the event starts with a group warm-up including breathing exercises and relaxation techniques guided by the host. Then, participants rotate between each other, standing together for one minute, like speed-dating, with each potential partner. Talking is not allowed. Therefore, to make it a bit easier to everybody, there are other forms of communication provided by a “communication kit”.

The aim is offer a different approach to meeting new, young and single people, trying to ignite that first spark in a not-so-conventional way (sounds romantic, no?).

I found it quite an interesting concept for dating, and asked Maggie how she came up with the idea. In fact, she herself had a story to share:

“I was sitting in my friend’s kitchen in Hamburg with some cute guy who was part of a music video project I was working on. It was the first time we had met and we were the last two eating in the kitchen. After eating, we exchanged chit chat, and there was a very long pause. We just sat there saying and doing nothing, but it felt very natural and the silence was somehow intriguing to me.

“Feeling completely comfortable in silence with a stranger, I imagined I was on a silent date and the feeling of meeting someone for the first time, without using words to try and impress them with your job or funny one-liners, or that story of your amazing holiday in Thailand.

“Very often we filter all our conversations in real life without even realizing, through social media or dating online. But it’s very hard to filter the feelings you have inside if you can’t use words. You just feel! So I want to invite people to come and explore their other senses in a fun and relaxed environment, creating a chance to make new friends or a deeper connection with someone.”

At least, if you cannot find your perfect match there, you will certainly experience a very unique evening. Plus, who knows, Mr. or Mrs. Right might be there too (let’s not give up the hope)!

And, as for love in Berlin, any thoughts?

“Dating in Berlin is tough, I think people don’t really date or even flirt anymore. It could be a cultural thing, but to me it seems like people are even scared to commit to a date – they would rather say ‘let’s just hangout’, taking away the romantic attachment.

And this an opinion shared by many of my smart and attractive single friends.

Berlin is in need of some real-life contact dating. Online is taking over and I want to put the human feeling back into dating. ”

tong tied


Tongue Tied is a monthly or tri-monthly event, for not only boys to meets girls, but also for girls to meet girls and boys boys.

For those interested in meeting people in a different way, contact Maggie at: maggie@ragboneman.com.

Love is in the air… now, stop talking and embrace it!


Tongue Tied, Berlin’s premier “Silent Date Night”

On April 16th at

Rag And Bone Man
Briesestrasse 9
12053 Berlin

Illustration by Yota Okuyama http://yotaokuyama.tumblr.com/



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