Tape That – Turning Sticky Tape into Spectacular Art Installations

By Andrew Cottrill . October 24, 2017

You may have already seen Tape That’s astonishing artwork.

You can find it everywhere in Berlin, from underground nightclubs, abandoned buildings, music festivals and art galleries. Influenced by street art, architecture, graphic design and performance art, the Berlin-based tape art collective Tape That is paving the way for tape art around the globe.

Tape That has used tape as a medium since 2011. Their works range from complex and colorful tape and light installations to minimalist black and white murals. Their work captures the amazing possibility of create something new …something beautiful… out of an everyday, mundane object such as sticky tape.

While focussing on Berlin, Tape That is also active in many other cities, nationally and internationally, with recent and ongoing projects in Cambodia (Phnom Penh, Battam Bang), China (Guangzhou), Egypt (Cairo, Al-Minya), Namibia (Windhoek), Peru (Lima), Qatar (Doha), Russia (Yekaterinburg), Saudi Arabia (Riyadh), Sweden (Stockholm), United Kingdom (London), Vietnam (Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City), USA (Los Angeles).

“We create artworks made solely out of adhesive tape – tapes of all colors, sizes and materials. Our artworks range from room-filling installations to abstract structures combined with light projections and classical tape art murals – we strive to push the boundaries of what most people perceive as possible to do with ordinary tape.

“Since tape art is a young art form, people are generally amazed by the idea itself and the ability to witness the creative process first hand. We often create our artworks as live performances in which the audience gets the chance to interact with the artists and to follow the progress of the artwork.” – Stefan Busch, Tape That Collective.

(Video credit: Dreikantfilm.de)

Tape Tarnung Exhibition at the Wilmersdorfer Arcaden

The Berlin-based tape art collective Tape That has just opened their new exhibition room called “Tape Tarnung” at the . The Berlin based Tape Art Collective Tape That has just opened their new exhibition room called “Tape Tarnung” at the #artcaden project. A collaboration of former “TheHaus – Berlin Art Bang“ organisers aka #dixons aka #xidesign featuring other artists and collectives.

The exhibition has taken over many rooms and surfaces in the shopping centre, allowing you to browse their stunning artworks at your convenience from midday-19Uhr from now until the end of 2017.

Take a look at some of their works through #artcaden.

Stay tuned and learn more at tapethatcollective.com and facebook.com/tapethat

Tape Tarnung Exhibition at the Wilmersdorfer Arcaden
Open now until the end of 2017
Mo – Sat, until 27.12.2017
Wilmersdorfer Str. 46,
10627 Berlin

Basement Floor:
LUNATIX DANCE BASE: Advanced Dance Workshops by Lunatix Dance Crew.

Ground Floor:
TAPE TARNUNG by Tape That: Giant Tape Art Camouflage to get lost in.
3STYLE GRAFITTI DISCO by #rawsofficial #skenar73 #stereoheat : 70s funky disco flair

1st Floor
THE OAK: Impressive Sneaker Madness in a Museum
ARTIST BASE: Lively gallery space with changing exhibitions and open studio.
INVISIBLE ROOM: Immersive experiences with virtual reality. 3D Painting and digital Showrooms.
ART LABYRINTH & HOUSE OF TALES: Exiting escape room hidden in a surreal icy and dark installation from #riawank


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