Where Love Is Illegal: Human Rights Activism at its Best


Berlin loves to love, and Berlin loves to make love. With its “poor but sexy” attitude, with Christopher Street Day, Straßenfest, and its beautiful, diverse party and club landscape, the city certainly knows how to celebrate love. But while you can go out every night, proclaim and rejoice in your sexuality in the guts of … Read more Where Love Is Illegal: Human Rights Activism at its Best

Open your mouth against homophobia!


As you probably know: in June 2013 Russia has established a law which not only discriminates against LGBTIs, but denounces them (and those advocating for them) as criminals. Everyone opposing the so called “homosexual propaganda” is in fear for his/her life, or at least has to fear societal exclusion. All eyes are on the  XXII. … Read more Open your mouth against homophobia!

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