Open your mouth against homophobia!

By Clio Saal . February 11, 2014


As you probably know: in June 2013 Russia has established a law which not only discriminates against LGBTIs, but denounces them (and those advocating for them) as criminals. Everyone opposing the so called “homosexual propaganda” is in fear for his/her life, or at least has to fear societal exclusion.

All eyes are on the  XXII. Winter Olympics in Sochi from 07-23 February 2014, where political, economic – and athletic leaders and sponsors would have the opportunity to speak out against the human rights abuses that take place in Russia, if not use their (financial) power to put pressure on Putin’s government. So far very few people have come forward.

The project Rainbow Flame, initiated by the “ENOUGH is ENOUGH: open your mouth”- initiative demands the German government and sponsors of the Winter Olympics to take a stance against the anti-LGBTI-legislation in Russia.

Their further demands are:

“We appeal to all sponsors of the XXII. Winter Olympics to finally make their position clear on the issue and to use their financial clout in defence of human rights in Russia.

We appeal to the IOC to exclude Russia from the XXII Winter Olympics on its own territory.

We appeal to the German Olympic Sports Confederation and to all German athletes to actively support the rights of homosexuals, transsexuals and intersexuals in Russia during the XXII Winter Olympics in Sochi.

We demand an end to the discrimination of homosexuals, transsexuals and intersexuals wherever they may be in the world. ” (http://www.facebook.com/enough2014)






Parallel to the opening ceremony of the Sochi Winter Olympics ENOUGH is ENOUGH has lit their own flame right at Potsdamer Platz and they intend to keep the light burning throughout the games as a solemn vigil to those being harmed and as a place for conversation and solidarity. You can donate your time to guard the flame or you can make a donation to enable ENOUGH IS ENOUGH to continue their good work.

For more detailed information in German and English, please visit their website or Facebook! Learn more about the Rainbow Flame on Potsdamer Platz and how you can help here!



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