Tommi’s Burger Joint – Berlin’s No-Nonsense Burger


The arrival of Tommi’s Burger Joint has been much anticipated. Since we first heard they were coming to Berlin we had been waiting patiently – but after their planned November opening was postponed and they’d been battling red-tape issues since, our patience began to run out. Then, last Friday, their grand opening surprised us all. … Read more Tommi’s Burger Joint – Berlin’s No-Nonsense Burger

The Bird – Berlin’s Reigning King of Burgers


The Bird has perched atop the Berlin burger tree for a long time now. Like Berghain is to clubbing, The Bird is to Berlin’s burger scene – cherished by its regulars and spoken about in reverent, hushed tones by those who’ve yet to eat there. Also like Berghain, The Bird has gained a level of … Read more The Bird – Berlin’s Reigning King of Burgers

Berlin loves Burger (de ville)


Gibt es ein besseres Hangover-Essen als einen saftigen Burger mit einem spritzigen Getränk?! Wohl kaum! Unser Burger-Testteam hat sich heute aus Mitte in den entfernten Westen der Stadt aufgemacht, um endlich den vorausgeeilten guten Rufs des „burger de ville by twenty five hours hotels“ auszuchecken. Ein Anruf im Wagen, ob noch genug ‚Patties’ an Bord … Read more Berlin loves Burger (de ville)

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