Swiss Invasion in Berlin – QWSTION Pop-up Store

By Sarah Luisa Santos . July 18, 2014

qwstion berlin

When it comes to fashion, Berlin is definitely a great place for new designers, although it is a pity they fly away as soon as success comes along (hello, Achtland) but the thing is that Berlin is quite open and welcoming for new talent, and this is the case for QWSTION.

Founded in 2008, the Zurich-based label has just opened their first pop-up store here in Berlin, together with 4 other brands, all Berlin-based.

With a minimalist style with maximum functionality, QWSTION has a bag collection that can be easily adapted to suit their owners’ styles. Designer Christian Kaegitold us that, having his background in industrial design, the development of the products is deeply influenced by functionality, and their Weekender model is a perfect example of this versatility. He also shared that the brand is quite popular in Asia (especially Japan) – it’s no wonder why.

qwstion bags berlin

The other brand in the space is Velt, a shoe brand made by Swiss designers Patrick Rüegg and Stefan Rechsteiner. This one is based in Berlin but manufactured in Switzerland. Whilst the duo follow this minimalist front, they also look back to the traditional shoe making techniques, trying to bring together a classic flare but without appearing pretentious – a more classically relaxed way for boys to have style.

velt  shoes berlin

Also, Berlin label Frisur is in charge of the clothing section, founded by Stephan Sunder-Plassmann and Thies Meyer, both coming from the north (next to the Danish border). The Nordic influence is reflected in their clothes designs, with a very laid-back and down-to-earth style, the pieces are meant to last more than just one season in your wardrobe.

Next is Senz6, an umbrella brand that focuses not only on the appearance of their umbrellas, but also build quality. We’ve all had cheap umbrellas that turn inside-out at the slightest breeze, and Senz6 create pieces that are made to withstand at least 100km wind speeds without turning inside-out.

qwstion berlin shop

Last but not least is furniture designers Mykilos. As well as making the store’s décor, they also sell a range of contemporary furniture, created by studio 45KILO and other like-minded designers.

Minimalism, simplicity and style. Take a look for yourselves but be quick, QWSTION is only open until 25. August.


QWSTION Temporary Store
Münzstraße 5, 10178 Berlin
27. Juni 2014 – 25. August 2014
Opening Hours: MO-SA 12-19 Uhr.


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