Rubbr: Condoms Door-Delivered in 20 Minutes or Less

By Jonathan Epstein . December 19, 2018

You can now get condoms delivered to your door. So there’s no reason not to use one.

We’ve all been there. It’s 3am, and you and that special someone get back to the flat after a few too many Sekts. You’ve already been kissing each other on the U-Bahn ride home and continue the tongue play into the bedroom, when you both realize that there ain’t no bloody condoms.

It’s too late to get them from an Apotheke, Rewe is closed and, if you’re lucky enough to even live right near a Späti that sells them, do you really want to kill the mood by going all the way there just to pay 2 Euro for a condom?

Rubbr + bag BLY
Condoms a click away.

Well, you’re in luck! Three of your very own Berliners decided to make a condom delivery app called Rubbr (get it?). It’s Deliveroo for sexy shower-caps except, instead of delivering your hungover-ass burgers, they deliver condoms to your door in 20 minutes or less.

Condoms when you need them most.

Gotta lover, but no rubber?

Here’s how it works: when the vibe starts to pick up, open the Rubbr app and select your product. For those of you that need condoms ASAP, you can get a rush delivery that’ll arrive quicker.

Once you’ve placed your order, a Rubbr driver is already underway speeding your prophylactics towards you. And if you have any questions, there’s a built-in messenger that lets you anonymously write to the driver, and messages will delete themselves after your package has discreetly arrived.

Knock knock

No one wants to see your sex face as you answer the door. No one. So, instead, you buzz your delivery up, where it’s placed a neat little package onto your doormat in a super discreet black bag, and you receive an app alert when it’s safe for you to emerge to grab it.

You’ll be getting back into it in no time at all.

Get the Rubbr app now.

Rubbr is available now for iOS, and can be downloaded from the app store. For the meantime, the service is limited to the area in and around Berlin-Friedrichshain, but will soon be rolled out city-wide and, eventually, eradicate all STDs and the Catholic church. Well, fingers crossed.

So if you don’t plan to conceive, make sure you’ve got Rubbr in your pocket.

Rubbr app is available for iOS now.

Follow Rubbr on Instagram to get your first order free and visit the Rubbr website here.


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