The Sound of 100 Berlin DJs Mixing! Thursday October 23rd.

By Brendan Power . October 20, 2014

Ever wondered what the sound of 100 DJs mixing feels like? They say too many cooks spoil the broth, but is that also the case with dance music? Judging by the happy faces at this party last year, at the now defunct Festsaal Kreuzberg (RIP), that may not be the case.

by Matze Hielscher 4

This Thursday, October 23rd at Gretchen club in Mehringdamm, the good folk at Mitvergnuegen are teaming up with Berliner tech house collective Stil vor Talent, to bring you the 4th edition of the fun time mega hit parade they call ‘Die 100 allerallerschönsten DJs der Stadt’. The concept is quite simple. Exactly one hundred of the city’s spinners, be they established international jocks, or newcomer underground heroes, get together under one roof and lay down one track each over the course of the night.

by Matze Hielscher 2

© Matze Hielscher

The idea is that each DJ will pick a favourite track of theirs, that they believe should blow you away.  So, in theory, you should be set for a great night of high energy disco-dancing, sound-tracked by such luminaries as Austria’s Florian Meindl, K-Paul, Wilde Renate’s Paramida, and exactly 97 other very capable sets or ears and hands. Even German rapper MC Fitti will be on hand to drop his flavour on proceedings, so you know it’s straight gangster.

by Jule Müller 2

© Jule Mueller

Obentrautstraße 19-21
10963 Berlin


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