Seafood Sundays Brings Berlin to the Coast

By Tom Taylor . August 14, 2017

Seafood Sundays has arrived in Berlin and it’s the ‘Bite Club’ of seafood.

We might be a far stretch from the coast in Berlin, but does that really mean we can’t enjoy fresh seafood? Of course not! I was invited along to the first ever feast at Seafood Sundays, a pop-up restaurant that brings the tastiest creatures of the sea to the Hauptstadt.

Held in the enchanting garden of Birgit & Bier, it certainly was the perfect location for a lazy mid-afternoon meal. There was a friendly and relaxed vibe to proceedings and the long wooden tables and open-air atmosphere gave the place a communal dining experience. Plates laden with the fruits of the sea were handed out liberally, and the beer flowed with enthusiasm.

These guys are flavour experts

seafood sundays berlin birgit & bier creamy scallops and octopus
Creamy Scallops & Octopus

With our hunger temporarily appeased by crusty slices of sourdough bread from Markthalle Neun’s Sironi bakery, we tucked into a rich and creamy dish of cured scallops and octopus served in a delicious brown butter sauce. This was a real treat: the scallops literally melted in your mouth whilst the octopus had just the right amount of crunch. The radish was a nice touch and sliced through the creaminess, all balanced with the tarragon.

Oysters served on beach pebbles – now we’re talking

seafood sundays berlin birgit & bier oysters and prawn crackers
Dill-scented Oysters & Prawn Crackers

It was clear we were in very capable hands when our next dish appeared. Delicious, dill-scented oysters and crispy prawn crackers served on a bed of beach pebbles. I pitied the waiters carrying those plates – but talk about presentation. We slurped these down in no time (I’m not sure there are any other ways to consume oysters, are there?).

They serve a little bit of everything

seafood sundays berlin birgit & bier crab and mackerel pate
Crab & Mackerel Pate

Next up: creamy crab and mackerel pate. This was rich and certainly gave us a taste of the high-life. We’re not used to such flavours here! Having a wide range of small dishes kept things interesting and dynamic.

It’s the perfect mix of high-end dining and Berlin-style rough ‘n’ ready eating

seafood sundays berlin mixed bowl of seafood
Flavoursome Mixed Bowl of Seafood

The mains came next: a mishmash of garlic-marinated grilled prawns, mussels, shellfish and crab, all living in harmony together (figuratively: they were all dead). We got stuck into this, discovering all the treasures of the sea lurking in the buttery broth. The chunks of lime added a zest to the proceedings and the mustardy edible flowers were a nice touch too. Then a side of creamy potato salad, samphire and butter. Wow.

We’ll be back for more

seafood sundays berlin crab

Seafood Sundays are doing what they set out to do very well. There’s a good energy to the experience, and at the heart of it all is a passion for seafood. A spot at the table costs €30, reasonable considering the hard-to-get nature of the food. They’re setting up again on the 3rd and 10th September so clear your plans now – you’re in for a fishy treat!

The 2nd edition of the Seafood Sundays experience is on 3rd September.
The Facebook event is here.

Find them on Facebook.

Check out their website

Seafood Sundays
Birgit & Bier
Schleusenufer 3
10997 Berlin

Camera: Canon EOS 6D


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