Europe’s Street Food Champion is Decided this Saturday

By Andrew Cottrill . September 24, 2018

The European Street Food Awards 2018 winners will be decided this Saturday at Malzfabrik.

Throughout the summer, heats of the European Street Food Awards 2018 have taken place in 13 countries, with many hundreds of street food fans casting their votes to shortlist Europe’s best street food vans. Now, the final 15 fight it out in Berlin – and we get to see what Europe’s street food scene is made of.


Treachery in the Berlin heat.

Oh, the sadness I felt when I learned that our friends Moksa didn’t win the Berlin heat to represent this fine city. Their tandoori chicken is the best in the world. I assume you guys all forgot to vote. There couldn’t be any other reason. Well, there’s always next year.

Only joking, congratulations to our Berlin heat winners:

Piekfein: three guys, two food trucks, and a shared passion for street food is what makes these Berlin-based BBQ masters and their deluxe, handmade burgers – both meaty and veggie – so successful. Their speciality: pulled pork and brisket burger from their beech wood-fuelled smoker. Homemade sauces, hand-baked buns and self-cut sweet potatoes fries round their offering.



Tapiocaria: A Brazilian-German couple brought together by a love for each other and for street food: the Brazilian kind, in case you were wondering. Tapioca, a flatbread made of manioc flour, filled with a variety of sweet and savoury seasonal condiments, such as avocado, goat’s cheese and mango, or their Xmas special with duck, red cabbage and orange sauce. Sweet-tooths are pampered with a delicious ice sorbet made from Amazonian acai berries.


Their competition.

★ B.B.Kings (POL): The men who put the macho in meat shot to fame with their extreme grilling at off-road rallies now take to the streets. Their thick rib cuts, slathered in original spices mixes, or their signature Tomahawk from the entrecote, are tossed into a BBQ chamber, alder wood-fired and cooked to exquisite juicy tenderness.

★ Bilig Mobile (FR): France’s most famous seaside street food, the crêpe, is given its due reverence and elevation with the use of organic ingredients. Slathered in their signature homemade chocolate hazelnut spread, these crêpes are sure to make you re-evaluate any diet.

★ Cimbru (ROU): Romanian street food at its finest, and one of the most eye-catching entrants – featuring artwork by a street artist friend. Hailing from Romania’s northwestern city of Cluj, Cimbru will be serving up delicious sandwich specialities like their signature pulled pork, Angus beef, or halloumi sub.


★ CUPÁKOS (HU): This will be heaven for the meat lovers. Ribs, sausages, crunchy duck legs and knuckles – all prepared in front of your eyes. You just need to choose your garnish and your sauce and let the Cupákos team do the rest. A tip? Lose the fork. This is primal food that should only be eaten with bare hands.

★ Doh’hut (GB): The classic doughnut – reimagined. The Doh’hut dough is made with fresh yeast and proved three times over 30 hours to ensure great flavour and a light fluffy texture. Each morning the doughnuts are rolled out to size by hand, proved for a final time and then fried to perfection.

★ Frittenwerk (GER South): From their well-maintained 40-year-old UPS truck, these fry masters will be serving countless delicious variations of the tried and trusted Quebecois staple that is #poutine. Vegan-friendly, vegetarian, meat, seasonal, regional, you name it! Be sure to try their Pink Persia Poutine – homemade french fries with fluffy falafel balls, pink hummus, quinoa, crispy rocket salad and refreshing lemon aioli.

★ iFry (RU): When fish & chips are flipped and fried Russian style, it comes out tom-yum tangy and crispy inside a spinach batter with garden mint and sour cream. iFry is an experimental project out of a go-to cafe in the outskirts of Kaliningrad. Fuelled by a love for food and family spirit, there will be plenty of Russian influences, from horseradish to oolong tea to expect in their final presentation.

Bite Club Season Launch 2018_JuliaLukaLilaNitzschke_Zoooi-3902

★ JAH JYOT Punjabi Street Food (GB): Ranie Siriah is a chef who found his vocation late in life – and it just happened to be street food. With a menu of paper-thin dosas and vegetable samosas, crushed and served with soft chickpeas cooked in a yoghurt and tamarind sauce, Ranie promises he’ll change your life. Or your money back…

★ JATTA FOOD (GER South): The ‘Godfather of Good Taste’, Babu Mr. Jatta Food will take your tastebuds on a journey with the most vibrant spices and afro-Caribbean fusion flavours. There will be grilled spiced chicken, peanut stew, lots and lots of plantains, plus coconut-mango-essence of the tropics. 100% vegan available and 100% fresh.

★ Scottadito (IT): Rolling up in their food truck all the way from San Benedetto del Tronto, these culinary patriots bring with them all the street food classics of their Italian home. Arrosticini, patatine fritte, fried anchovies, olive de pesce, olive al tartufo and fried olives. Yum!

★ Social Burgerjoint (FI): Mika Tuominen – 2012 winner of MasterChef Finland – has joined forces with Herkko Volanen to create a restaurant concept that is creating quite the buzz among foodies. Their Social Burger Joint uses only sustainably produced ingredients with proof of origin – some 90% of which is domestic – to attest to the duo’s impeccable ethical standards.

★ Sopa no Pão (PRT): A soup is a soup is a soup? Not to Sopa no Pão, who have taken it upon themselves to introduce us to the variety and incredible depth of flavour this Portuguese staple has to offer – all served in the traditional bread bowl, of course. They serve Sopa da Pedra, Irish Guinness stew, goulash, fish curry and cheddar chicken… to name a few.

★ Vanilla (GEO): Khatuna brings us Georgian cuisine from the coastal town of Batumi. Alluring flavours and spices of the East and West intermingle in her all vegetarian and vegan Khachapuri tapas plates, or her grilled chicken option served with a special yogurt from her region. Expect your plate to be a colourful canvas of exotic wonders: purple basil, aubergine caviar, sunflower mousse, pomegranate seeds…

Bite Club – June – Danilo Sierra – 54

The judges.

As well as a popular vote (that’s you), there will also be celebrity judging panel casting their expert eyes over the competition hopefuls’ street food creations. The panel includes Edwina Bishop (chef at Hallesches Haus), Michelin-starred chef Max Strohe (chef at Tulus Lotrek), Evgeny Vikentev (chef at The Cell) and Gisela Williams (NYTimes, Food & Wine, Travel and Leisure, Conde Nast Traveler, and others). Prizes will be awarded in categories such as Best Main, Best Burger, Best Vegetarian, Best Snack, Best Dessert, as well as the European champion title, the Best of the Best.

Presented by Bite Club.

This event is presented by Bite Club, so you know what that means – an afternoon of smooth grooves from the decks, quality cocktails, drinks and a party atmosphere.

Entrance to the event will cost 3€.

Find out more on their Facebook event page.

Bessemerstraße 2-14,
12103 Berlin


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