Prometeo Brings Modern Neapolitan Pizza to Schöneberg

By Tom Taylor . April 5, 2018

Prometeo is a relatively new spot in Schöneberg that has quickly impressed the locals with their respectful take on classic Neapolitan pizza.

Prometeo gives Schöneberg a new slice of life.

It might have been a while since Nick Cave drunkenly stumbled out of Risiko Bar on his way to Ex’n’Pop, and Bowie hasn’t been spotted jogging away his drug addictions in a while, but the Yorckstraße neighbourhood is certainly livening up.

Prometeo 1

I’ve been living in the area for five years now, and ever so gradually things are happening. Prometeo is playing a part in this. It’s a new place on Goebenstraße – five minutes on foot from both Kleistpark and Yorckstraße U/S-bahn stops – and boasts a good selection of Italian dishes from the Naples region.

Prometeo keep it simple and tasty

Open since 2016, Prometeo faithfully recreates, amongst other things, classic Neapolitan pizza for the people of Schöneberg.

Prometeo 4
Prometeo’s classic Pizza Margherita

These pizzas are quite different to the usual kind you find throughout Berlin. It’s the dough that’s the noticeable difference – springy, floppy (in a good way) and filling. There’s so much to be said for simplicity in cooking. Using only top quality ingredients, Prometeo raises itself above the Berlin standard.

Prometeo 5
The delicious Pizza Norma

The pizzas we tried took us straight back to that holiday we never had in Naples. The creamy mozzarella brought those implanted memories flooding back: of balmy Campania nights spent drinking Negroni into the early hours, Gianni Morandi‘s dulcet tones drifting through a neighbour’s window, the purr of an Alfa Romeo winding its way through ancient narrow streets. I’m good at this.

The pizza oven is made of volcanic ash bricks from Mount Vesuvius

Prometeo’s purpose-built wood-fired furnace cooks pizzas from dough-to-go in just 90 seconds.

Prometeo 8

The pizzas couldn’t be any fresher. It’s that freshness, coupled with Prometeo’s brightly lit dining area, that mean it’s far removed from the stuffy old Italian restaurants you find in nearby Charlottenburg and Wilmersdorf. It’s modern and no-nonsense.

Prometeo Pizza

So, there are some great bars in the area too if you’re in need of a drink after. We recommend Train Cocktail Bar, which is five minutes on foot away next to U-bahnhof Kleistpark. It’s a bar inside a train carriage. Das ist so Berlin…

Goebenstraße 3
10783 Berlin

Camera: Canon EOS 6D


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