Piri’s Make Messy But Irresistible Chicken Burgers

By Andrew Cottrill . January 31, 2018

Piri’s chicken burgers are finger-fucking good. And hot!

After nearly four years, we know we’re behind the game covering the now-legendary Piri’s, but bear with us. Let’s not get complacent here – it’s high time we celebrated what these guys bring to Kreuzberg.

Berlin Loves You Piri’s Outside Logo

When I first moved here, you couldn’t get a decent chicken burger anywhere and a hot sauce with actual heat seemed like some forgotten dream. Along came Piri’s on Wiener Strasse and plugged both holes simultaneously.

Berlin Loves You Piri's Burgers

Inspired by Portuguese breaded chicken breast burgers you get on the beaches of Australia, their layered, schnitzel-like patties add some German sensibility to what is a fully-loaded, exuberant burger that spills out the sides of the bun and down your hands. Flavours meld, spices infuse and textures combine to make a deliciously unbalanced burger, one apt for both gorging on but also for appreciating. That’s all bollocks for ‘it’s a great burger’.

Berlin Loves You Piri's Burger

Their signature ‘Piri Burger‘, with homemade aioli, cheese and piri sauce, is a deserved classic. The warming piri sauce cuts through the rich ailoi and cheese with a spice-lime blast, allowing all the flavours to shine. But then, bacon also makes everything better. Get them to throw some extra strips into your burger.

On top of their chicken burgers, they also do a range of vegetarian tofu burgers and cheesesteak-style beef patties, all in buns from the superb Bekarei.

Berlin Loves You Piri's Jordi
Oh, hey there Jordi!

Their homemade hot sauces range from mild to Armageddon

Their Armageddon sauce is 10x hotter than their regular hot, hot, hot sauce, Trauma. So hot in fact that they make you sign a release form before you can eat it. But if you manage to finish your burger, you’re initiated onto Piri’s Wall of Flame… you mentalists.

Berlin Loves You Piri's Wall Art

Piri’s also has character, from its hole-in-the-wall aesthetic, to its double entendre-and-Aussie slang-laden menu (the ‘Chook Norris’ burger, for example), and its staff who set the tone for the whole enterprise. On top of that, they can boast holding the #1 spot on Trip Advisor and once won Burgers & Hip Hop.

Berlin Loves You Piri’s Sign Specials

Head down to Piri’s on a Monday for Manic Monday, where burger prices start at €3 from 16Uhr onwards.

Piri’s Chicken Burgers
Wiener Straße 31,
10999 Berlin


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