Obectra: A Berlin Fashion Message in Black

By Steffi Jahn . September 30, 2016

If you know Berlin, its nightlife and its subcultures, you’ll have noticed the colour black.

It’s always there. It’s part of it. Like a shadow covering the night, like an eclipse of the sun. Black is beautiful, powerful, strong. An understatement becoming a statement. Black is a stand against fast-changing trends and superficial fashion messages. Black goes deeper.

Obectra is a Berlin-based fashion brand inspired by Berlin’s nightlife, absorbing this subculture and delivering its depth, with clothes only in black. Obectra is streetstyle with edge and personality, sometimes pushing boundaries, but still being comfortable and wearable. It’s at the very heartbeat of what Berlin subculture is – it’s fashionable without being fancy, it’s underground but celebrated, it’s unique whilst still weaving into the patchwork of the city.

BERLIN LOVES YOU studio_obectra_casualties_editorial_blaz_cuk-3

Blaz Cuk, the man behind the Obectra label, transforms the atmosphere of Berlin’s club culture into streetstyle fashion with a twist. Born in Ljubljana, Slovenia, he’s always been interested in beauty and fashion. He studied at the Academy of Design in Ljubljana and started his label in 2010, whilst still a student, to great success. Finance Magazine named him Slovenia’s most promising fashion designer in 2011.

In 2012, Blaz moved to Berlin and this is where a new chapter for his label Obectra began. He first came to the city at age 20 for an internship, he then worked for the label JULIAANDBEN before deciding to focus on his own designs again. He visited Berlin eight times before moving there, but from the very beginning this open-minded city, with its rich nightlife and plenty of opportunities for creative people to work and collaborate, felt like home to him. But not only was Blaz fascinated by the city, the city also reciprocated and pretty soon began to appreciate his talent.

BERLIN LOVES YOU studio_obectra_casualties_editorial_blaz_cuk-4

With regular pop-up shops for Berlin Fashion Week, Blaz soon made a name as a designer and this year he presented a collection for the very first time at Berlin Alternative Fashion Week with great success. Actually, this success led to his final decision; to open a shop in Berlin.

This shop, Studio Obectra, is now located in Emser Straße 118 in Berlin Neukölln. Walking though the noisy streets of the district, on entering Studio Obectra you leave the rush of the city behind. The shop is an intimate showroom with integrated studio. This is the place where Blaz works. Almost every piece in the store has been produced and made-to-measure by his own hands. In Studio Obectra, Blaz has brought back the conversation about clothes that exists between client and designer. You wanna have this conversation? Go and meet Blaz in his shop in Neukölln.

BERLIN LOVES YOU studio_obectra_casualties_editorial_blaz_cuk-1

As Berlin Alternative Fashion Week takes place once more to celebrate outstanding fashion talents this upcoming weekend, Obectra is part of the spectacle. At the 29th of September there will be a very special Berlin Alternative Fashion Week party in Obectra shop. Also, Obectra will be presenting their designs at the Berlin Alternative Fashion Week Designer Market the whole Saturday in Postbahnhof. Don’t miss out, go and catch the Berlin vibe with Obectra’s fashion message in the city’s most favourite colour: black.

Studio Obectra, Emserstr. 118, 12051 Berlin / Neukölln

All pictues taken by Blaz Cuk


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