(Ex)Change Your Wardrobe! The Loppis Clothing Swap at Neukölln Shopping Nacht

By Sarah Luisa Santos . April 26, 2016

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Neukölln Shopping Nacht is around the corner and more exciting things are about to come, like the clothing swap promoted by pop up shop Loppis.

The concept of swapping clothes is not new and recently has gained the attention of many, as it’s a cool way to renew your closet without having to dig for hours into racks and shelves of random shops (well, at least this is what I do when I go shopping).

But clothes swaps are usually successful because of the people that make them – usually that stylish friend, or a friend of a friend, and so on, you know how that works. I’m not sure about you, but I definitely feel more comfortable listening to a friend’s opinion when I’m shopping rather than a shop assistant that just wants to sell you stuff at the end.

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And clothing swap is exactly this, pieces that you no longer want/wish to have in your closet in exchange of other people’s giveaways – one person’s trash is another person’s treasure. Plus, the probability of you finding something interesting with minimal effort is quite high, as you know already the style of your friends and acquaintances.

Another reason to stop by the clothing swap party? Well, if you are too attached to let go of your own wardrobe pieces, Loppis pop up shop will also be on site with loads of vintage items for you to peruse.

We had a quick chat with Agnes Zelei, Loppis founder, to learn a bit more about her project and, of course, to see how her clothing swap is going to work for Neukölln Shopping Nacht.

loppis clothing

If you would have to define Loppis’ style, what would it be?

Vintage fashion, wearable pieces and accessories for guys and girls. The focus is on rather sophisticated materials and colors. Monochrome, pastel, denim, floral. But that doesn’t mean you won’t find a crazy pattern occasionally! Come by and check it out ;)

Where did Loppis come from? What’s the concept behind it?

I’ve always loved the thrill of a treasure hunt, finding unique pieces that no one else has, as well as the general concept of re- and upcycling.

I have been a vintage clothes buyer for a couple of shops in Kreuzberg & Neukölln for a few years now. Last year I decided to set up my own project, a temporary shop, where I would display and sell my favorite pieces and present them in exactly the way I wanted to. Building up the shop, the interior etc. was great fun and an interesting experience.

‘Loppis’ means ‘flea market’ or ‘garage sale’ in Swedish. The idea for the name was conceived on one of our road trips in Sweden where people put up “loppis” signs in their front yards.
For Neukölln Shopping Nacht I’ll be presenting a fine collection of spring and summer clothes for the coming season.

How is the swap clothing party going to work?

We ask people to bring clothes they don’t want anymore. Everyone is invited to take pieces they like for free and leave others behind. We and some friends provide a certain starting stock, but of course the more people take part, the more interesting it’ll get. If it gets too big for the gallery space, we’ll move the thing to Richi Bar which is just around the corner and run by the same people. Richi Bar opens at 8pm, the end is open, accompanied by music and drinks to get everyone in the mood.
When should people drop by? 

Loppis will be open 16.00-21.00. The swap party is open ended.

What’s the future for Loppis?

Who knows? Loppis might turn into a permanent shop and might get a proper online presence sometime soon…

The idea is still relatively young. I had a temporary shop last year at Oh Pamela Gallery and at Geschwister Nothaft Cafe (both in Neukölln). Both places are run by friends of mine and have a vibe that match Loppis’ aesthetics.

Neukölln Shopping Nacht #6 will happen on the 7th of May.


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