Break the Rules of Fashion with Berlin Upcycling Label tHERAPY

By Steffi Jahn . August 3, 2016

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As much as people rant about how the Berlin fashion scene is dead after each and every Fashion Week, I say you have to dig deeper. You have to dive in, to find the vein through which the blood is pumping.

There are many amazing brands in Berlin, many style anarchos who just rebel against the status quo in their own way. For instance, there is the independent alternative fashion label Indyanna, there is the unafraid young designer Thomas Hanisch with his beautiful, eccentric designs, there is Esther Perbandt, doing her own, remarkable thing, there is DTSM, merging fetish and elegance. There is also tHERAPY, a young and rebellious brand based in Córdoba, Argentina and Berlin.

tHERAPY recycle & exorcise berlin upcycling fashion label alternative brand diy (7)

Led by the two sisters, Mariángeles and Paula Aguirre, tHERAPY is a DIY upcycling fashion label, not accepting rules or restrictions of any kind. The free-spirited sisters rework vintage and second hand pieces in their own wild way. Today, BERLIN LOVES YOU will teach you how to break the rules of fashion like a pro with tHERAPY.

The energetic design duo Paula and Mariángeles, as captured by their mother Alicia Moreno.

1. Say no to trends

One thing about the Berlin based upcycling label is, they really, really don’t care about trends at all, which makes them – surprise – very unique. You notice a tHERAPY piece if you see it. It’s wild and it doesn’t try to fit in – not into a trend, not into a scene. It’s a piece of art on it’s own which doesn’t need a big fat obvious logo or three stripes to turn it into something cool.

2. Individuality

Saying no to trends is, put simply, the question: who are you? If no brand, no trend and no scene dictates what to wear, you have to ask yourself: what do you want to express with your style and how it can reflect your personality in the best way possible. tHERAPY is exactly about asking and answering this question. tHERAPY celebrates individuality and authenticity. All pieces are one-of-a-kind, upcycled vintage and second hand pieces that only you can wear.

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3. Sustainability

Even though sustainability might be on the rise, it still is a rare concept in the fashion world. tHERAPY is sustainability gone wild – excessive, seductive and bold. tHERAPY is a stand against Fast Fashion. In a radical DIY-manner, the two sisters re-think, re-work, re-construct and re-make fashion while positioning themselves clearly against consumption and waste.

4. Fantasy

If you look at some of the collections presented at Fashion Weeks or in stores around the globe, you sometimes get the feeling that people are uninspired. This isn’t so with the sisters of tHERAPY. With each collection and each piece you enter a world of fantasies, you travel to places inside of yourself where you understand that fashion is not just the clothes you wear, but a game you play. tHERAPY is an invitation to discover the different facets of your own identity though fashion.

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tHERAPY in Berlin

tHERAPY was born in Berlin in 2012 and ever since then the city has loved their upcycling label. Where else is there a place for breaking the rules of fashion, if not Berlin? tHERAPY has presented two collections at Berlin’s Alternative Fashion Week so far. The label is also ambassador for the non-profit community Fashion Revolution. You can buy your unique tHERAPY piece at Sameheads, Unikat or Quadrat in Berlin. Also, mark your calendar for September 30th this year, where tHERAPY will be part of the REUSE:it show of Berlin’s Alternative Fashion Week again.


photos by Mauricio Torres & Mariángeles Aguirre


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