May The 1st Be With You – Where to Party on Mayday in Kreuzberg

By Brendan Power . April 29, 2015



Yesssss, it’s back this Friday, the best fun you can have in Kreuzberg with your clothes on (although no one will look twice if you do decide to whip them off) is just around the corner as the party pocket of Berlin gets ready to show itself off for ‘Erste Mai’ aka Mayday.  Last year was a blast, and this year, despite some shady weather forecast, should be no different. With so much going in this area, here’s a quick guide to some of the best electronic music parties taking place this year, but as ever you might have just as much fun dancing to the little soundsystems that pop up outside almost every cafe, restaurant and späti in the area.  As always, it is important to understand that while 98% of people come to Kreuzberg to party on this day, others do come to protest against extreme capitalism, while a small minority come just to start trouble with police.  If you keep this in mind, you should easily be able to stay safe and enjoy the mayhem.

#1 John Muir – Skalitzerstrasse

johnmuir2 years ago these guys put on a great party outside their bar but for various reasons took a break last year.  Now they’re back with a bang, and a Funktion One ready system to help them make some serious noise.  The line up is also very tasty, including Romania’s Cosmin TRG, Tyler Morrison of Seattle, a collective of talented local jocks going under the name of Bruhaha, and one of the finest DJs to move to Berlin in recent times, Mr Derek Plaslaiko.  When you add in their skill with the mixed drinks and the BBQ they’ve got planned, this might be the best spot to start your engines as it lies only 250m away from the heavier action.

#2 Locke Mueller – Spreewaldplatz

lockeThis will certainly be a step up in intensity from John Muir, as Spreewaldplatz is second only to Oranienstrasse for the sheer amount of ravers it receives.  There will be many smaller soundsytems blasting their wares, but the folks at Locke Mueller are old hands when it comes to this.  DJs on their line up include Oliver DeutschmannTristen and Albrecht Wassersleben.  A very safe bet for decent outdoor dancing.

#3 Luzia – Oranienstrasse

If you like your outdoor raving to be as hot and sweaty as possible, and you don’t mind queuing for a while, then you should definitely give Luzia a look on Friday. They just released their line up,  as ever it’s sure to be fun, and very very well attended, just allow for at least 45 minutes of trekking through the Oranianenstrasse ‘MaiFest’ crowd to get to their stage.  For a taste of what to expect, check out the video above.

#4 Piri’s & PicNic – Wienerstrasse
What do an Italian sandwich shop and a spicy chicken burger joint have to do with outdoor raving? The answer is absolutely nothing, but that hasn’t stopped these two places, separated by less than 100m on Weinerstrasse, putting on some of the most enjoyable raves on recent Maydays.  At Piri’s, apart from some of the best burgers in town, you can expect the likes of Get Physical’s Derek Marin, Peder Wonder, and Gabriel Marcel to soundtrack your dancing.  At PicNic, Lucretio & Marieu aka The Analogue Cops headline the bill and promise a super secret special guest too.
Tasty food meets tech tunes, these ones are a no-brainer.

#5 Goerlitzer Park

This one’s a total free for all, a real melting pot of Mad Max style outdoor techno rigs in one of Berlin’s most infamous parks.  At the time of writing only this party featuring I.nOmac has announced their intentions online, but you can be sure that they won’t be alone and that the raving here will go on, long into the night.  Check out the video above for an idea of previous years.

#6 Record Loft & FTK – Köpenicker Straße
This is the one to go to if you want to feel the outdoor music vibes but don’t want to be swallowed up whole by the huge crowds  at the other parties in the crazier part of Kreuzberg listed above.  This will take place in the courtyard of Neu West Berlin gallery on Köpenicker Straße. The guys putting on this party are the respected music store Record Loft, with a mystery line up of back2back spinners all day long.  This one is for true music lovers, and later the folks from  FTK take over for the night and take you down to the basement at 11pm.




Photo Credit
Feature: Timor Kodal
#1 Tim Xavier
#2 Locke Mueller
#4 Piri’s



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