Surprises in Pankow: A Craft Beer Bar for the Kiez

By Jonathan Epstein . October 4, 2017

Two Fellas Brewery, the newly founded bar/brewery, is the kind of neighbourly bar that you could ask to watch your dog for you as you rush back upstairs to get something you forgot.

Its neighbourly aspect is no surprise; located in Pankow, it’s a bar that wants to be an organic unit of its Kiez, rather than a hot bed for tourists like so many bars in Neukölln and Friedrichshain.

Now while you’ll probably have to plan a trip out there, you’ll definitely be glad you did (and besides, it’s an easy train ride).

Started by two friends who, unlike many others, have lived in Berlin for well over a decade and who are deeply connected with the Berlin brewing scene, the bar has an almost uncanny ability to simply make you feel comfortable there. When we asked them why they chose Pankow instead of a more canonical location for a craft bar with a brewery, they honestly answered to the effect that, although they would’ve loved to have had a bar on Weserstr., the Pankow bar itself was a perfect fit.

And when you take a step inside, you know exactly what they mean.

The bar itself is made of a dark wood that has a sense of integrity, and is adorned with ornate etchings resembling something you’d find in an English pub, instead of a brand new Berlin bar. Moreover, it feels like the perfect place for you and your mates to meander over to as they might’ve done in some Melville novel and enjoy a beer with one another.

Michael Moineau, one of the Two Fellas.

The beers themselves, like everything else there, defy a lot of things we’ve come to expect with a new craft beer bar.

Rather than go for flamboyant craft beers, whose flavours prance across your tongue with the subtlety and inconspicuousness of a leper, the craft beers at Two Fellas are refreshingly subdued, allowing you to enjoy the drink itself.

Their IPAs go down smoothly, without the overwhelming bitterness of so many others. And, while they only have four or five beers on tap, each one of them are meant for you to enjoy over a cheerful conversation. I could happily spend many an hour over their Tropical Pale Ale.

To put it simply, it’s a bar/brewery you simply want to sit in and be a part of.
Find them on Facebook here.

Two Fellas Brewery
Mühlenstraße 30
13187 Berlin, Germany


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  1. I don’t think I will ever go to another craft beer bar without wondering if a leper is going to be prancing inconspicuousnessly across my tongue. Or Tindr date. Thought works for either one. Thanks! :)

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