Le Pustra’s Kabarett der Namenlosen Returns for Smoke, Sex and ’20s Sophistication

By Andrew Cottrill . September 15, 2016

Painting by Ella Guru
Painting by Ella Guru

After three sold-out shows in March, Le Pustra’s Kabarett der Namenlosen returns for a second, five-day run starting tomorrow, securing the cabaret’s place on the Berlin show calendar as one of the city’s most iconic shows.

On the 16th, 17th, 18th, 20th and 21st of September, Le Pustra and Boheme Sauvage’s show will once again grace the stage of Ballhaus Berlin for evenings of Golden Twenties-inspired, bohemian abandon.

Photo: Michael Wittig

But, how to describe Le Pustra’s Kabarett der Namenlosen? In Le Pustra’s own words it’s “Berlin’s ONLY and authentic Weimar-era Cabaret” but, what does that mean? In my article on his first show (before I’d actually seen it…) I kind of guessed that it was a cabaret show and would have different performers etc. and totally fluffed the part about Le Pustra himself because I didn’t really know what he did? But after seeing his first show it all made sense.

Photo: Daggi Binder

In their “voyeuristic and surreal re-imagining on 1920s Berlin”, the Kabarett der Namenlosen create “living art”, moving portraits and wild, decadent landscapes. Picture beautiful, young, wild, well-to-dos wearing not enough, indulging a little too much, reclining on chaises-lounges and caring for nothing of the world but the soft tinkling of a painted boy on an open-top piano.

Photo: Daggi Binder

The scenes change as new people enter and pass through, bringing with them changes in mood through their performances. One will get up to sing. Fight. Love. Go wherever the show takes them. And what of Le Pustra? He IS the show.

Photo: Daggi Binder

Le Pustra (Mr. Pustra to you) is a gliding ghost of poise and sophistication, painted-on melancholy and brooding menace. A wit as sharp as the high notes of his wistful croon.

Among the acts performing at Kabarett der Namenlosen is one of my very favourites: Julietta la Doll as “Telephone Girl”.

Photo: Daggi Binder

After seeing her perform at White Trash on Friday, here’s a poem dedicated to her:

Tap-tap-tap goes the nail
Staple loveletters round my heart
Throat-deep with breathlessness
I guess you had to be there…

I implore you to get tickets to see this edition of Le Pustra’s Kabarett der Namenlosen. Get out your flapper dresses and tuxedos, if only to soak in the ambience of ’20s Weimar-era Berlin.

Photo: Daggi Binder

For information on all acts performing, visit Kabarett der Namenlosen on Facebook.

Le Pustra’s Kabarett der Namenlosen
Suitable for 18+ Only
Language: German and English
Running time: 1 hour 30 minutes
Dates: 16, 17, 18, 20, 21 September 2016
Location: Ballhaus Berlin, Chausseestraße 102, 10115 Berlin
Time: Doors at 19H00 and Show at 20H00
Tickets: from €23 (Get your tickets here)
Dresscode: Evening Wear


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