Stumble into the Bizarre Cabaret of Curiositease

By Andrew Cottrill . May 7, 2018

Fifi Fantôme & La Viola Vixen’s Cabaret of Curiositease is a baroque chamber of burlesque, circus and dark sideshow.

It’s been a long time since I wrote about burlesque but guys: just because I’ve not written about it, doesn’t mean it’s not happening. It is, in fact, happening, and on Friday May 11th there will be a performance at Toast Hawaii that’ll be Berlin burlesque at its nipple-tasseled best.

Flyer by Frank Lam

Why haven’t I written about Burlesque in so long? Maybe a got a girlfriend. Maybe I got Netflix. Who knows. But after I received an email from Fifi Fantôme about this upcoming show, I took my old corset directly to the dry cleaners.

As part of Berlin Burlesque Week 2018, Cabaret of Curiositease will bring that weirdo factor back to Berlin burlesque scene. The: what the hell did I just see? factor. Because, let’s face it, we’ve all seen performers slowly taking off silk gloves before.

Cabaret of Curiositease Fifi Fantôme
Fifi Fantôme. Photo by Krousky

The event will include drag, circus, neo-burlesque, and sideshow, featuring performers such as Billie Rae, one half of Berlin fetish factory Bad Bruises, plus some of their House of Red Doors extended family, Fifi Fantôme, Curly Gumbo Lee, La Big Bertha, Wild Whiskers, Ariane Kat, and Dunja, a two-time Guinness World Record hula-hooper.

Cabaret of Curiositease Billie Rae
Billie Rae. Photo by Samantha Feilding

Get your tickets for what’s set to be a sell-out show.

Find out more on their Facebook event page.

Cabaret of Curiositease
Friday May 11th
Toast Hawaii
Danziger Straße 1
10435 Berlin


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