Winter is Coming. That Means One Thing: Burlesque.

By Andrew Cottrill . October 4, 2019

A long night of burlesque, drag, songs of ice and lots of wildfire this Wednesday, October 9th.

The best thing about summer ending is that Burlesque returns. Performers, too hot to melt themselves under the lights of the cramped, un-airconditioned stages of Berlin’s Burlesque scene, go into a sort of glittery, sequinned hibernation. Now they return, blinking in the starlight. Winter is coming and with it a new Berlin Burlesque season.

This Wednesday, October 9th, Winter is Coming to Acud Macht Neu. A production by Extravagant Shambles, expect an evening of burlesque, drag, live music and performance art, all with the theme of fantasy, myths and legends.


The line up includes talent from right across Berlin’s cabaret spectrum, each bringing a fierce creativity to challenge Berlin Burlesque’s status quo.

Led by Bournville beauty Cadbury Parfait, who will be debuting a brand new routine, there’s soulstress-turned-sex-icon Noéline la Bouche, neo-Burlesque royalty Lexy Nightcat and Agata Demon, rising star Felicity Felicis and the iconic Alexa Spread. All this and more, held tightly together by hostess Sarah Tonin.

Cadbury Parfait Photography geiler.scheiss
Cadbury Parfait, photo by @geiler.scheiss

The full line up

Lexy Nightcat
Agata Demon
Felicity Felicis
Noéline la Bouche
Darell Haynes
Cadbury Parfait
Marie Matthies
Alan Lee as the gorgeous Alexa Spread
Scarlett Ohoney

Noéline la Bouche, photo by Beate Goldammer

Winter is Coming
9th October, doors open at 8pm.
15EUR entrance.

Acud Macht Neu
Veteranenstraße 21,
10119 Berlin


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