Get Ready for A Berlin Winter with KILEZA @ Bohannon Club

By John Perye . November 11, 2015

Written during Berlin’s coldest and longest winter in 50 years, A Berlin Winter is the upcoming album from indie-pop singer-songwriter Kileza. Born and raised in South Africa, Kileza has lived and performed in Argentina, Canada, and is currently situated Berlin. Her music reflects the influences of her travels, which she describes as psychedelic R&B, a blend of experimental electro, soul and hip hop.

DSC_0140_aperture_eyes_sharpened_klein_desaturated_red_and_without_backgroundBLY spoke with Kileza:

When and how did you start getting into playing music?

At age 7, my parents read my mind and got me piano lessons,
before that I instinctively tried to sing along with everything I
saw on TV.

How would you describe your music for those who have yet to hear it?

Tee mit einem Schuss on a cold winter’s day.

KG-Warschauer(c)frauanika.tumblr.com_01You were born in South Africa. How did you end up here in Berlin?

I grew up in South Africa, and then my family emigrated to Canada, I eventually moved to Toronto where  I met a musician who’d lived in Berlin for a decade and told me how great it is.

Your new album “A Berlin Winter” is coming out soon. Can you talk about that?

Yes! There is something beautiful about the Winters in Berlin. Although they are completely overcast, sullen and grey, they allow you to focus and put out the best work. I wanted to create music that was melancholic but uplifting in that it matched your winter mood, and soothed you.

Are you excited for your show at the Bohannon Club on the 12th?

Yes! It’s been a lot of planning, and a lot of work, but there’s nothing like putting a great band and show together. Somehow many of my friends from the last few years have come together to support me, and help me and that’s been the most beautiful thing.

Do you have any BERLIN LOVES YOU moments?

The joy of busking, seeing people coming from a difficult day and watching their expression change.


This Thursday – Nov 12 – 8PM @

Bohannon Club

Dircksenstrasse 40


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