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By John Perye . November 5, 2015

How does Krautrock-inspired riffs and pulsing electronic rhythms, tied together with an alto voice sound to you? If interested, you just might want to check out Eliot Sumner. Her new album, Information, which is set to be released on January 22, 2016, was recorded in London and is a testament to Eliot’s talent as a songwriter and multi-instrumentalist.  “It’s the kind of music that I would probably listen to myself,” says Eliot of the album.

ES-POSTER IMAGE Kopie 2The new album follows the well received Information EP which Eliot released last year. That release was followed by a tour with Lykke Li which took her all over Europe, then it was over to North America for her first tour there supporting On An On. Through all of this time she managed to make a four-part series of gritty synth-rock videos for Dead Arms and Dead Legs, After Dark, Firewood and Species which brought praise from the likes of Fader, Consequence of Sound and Earmilk.

BLY chatted with Eliot. Here’s the convo:

When and how did you start getting into playing music?

I started getting into music when I was 10.  My elder siblings bought me some CDs including Pink Floyd’s Division Bell album and Sex Pistols Never Mind The Bollocks.  I started playing guitar in bands and eventually became a bass player.  My roots in music deepened when i got more into minimal industrial electronic music like Kraftwerk and Neu.

How would you describe your music for those who have yet to hear it?

It smells like jet fuel.

Can you talk about your band and what instruments you play in it?

There are four of us in the band.  Jan Blumentrath is a German synth genius who has been my friend for the last 7 years.  Nick Benton plays guitar and has a very industrial klang to his playing. Adam Gammage is a human drum machine and a very confident driver.  I play the bass and sing.

You have a SoundCloud page. How do you see the future of music with the internet being the number one way people get it?

I have an argument that supports and opposes the current industry climate.  Its amazing that music can be heard all over the world but at the same time musicians will struggle to make money from sales.  We will need to work harder.

How big of a role does social media play for you?

I like using Instagram.  I like the format and its a very unaggressive way of showing people what you like and what you’re doing.

You’ve played Berlin before, how did that go?

We played at the Admiralspalast last year supporting Lykke Li.  It was the first show of the tour so we were very nervous but the show was awesome.

Any favorite memories about the Berlin itself?

I love Berlin.  It happens to be my favourite city.  My favourite places in Berlin are Michelberger, Darklands, Golden Hahn and of course Panoramabar.

Karney HatchHow did your 2014 North American tour go? Any gig stories?

So many stories from the North American tour.  It was the most incredible experience for all of us.  We covered 20,000 miles in a van that broke down twice.  We survived a storm in Kansas and we saw Niagra Falls.

Did you see a difference between North American audiences and European ones?

American audiences are very welcoming.  They were incredibly hospitable and loved the fact we were English, weirdly!

What would you say to the 17 year old wanting to make a life in music?

I would say to experiment with music as much as possible.  Never feel under pressure by other people and go at your own speed.

Eliot is currently on her November 2015 European tour, which brings the band to Germany for four dates. Don’t miss her in Berlin on Monday the 9th at Maschinenhaus.

Eliot Sumner

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