Every Aspect of Primavera Sound Festival Rated to Death

By Andrew Cottrill . June 21, 2016

I’ve rated every aspect of my Primavera Sound 2016 experience.
Just so I know what to do differently next year, perhaps.

Locating our Barcelona AirBnB 7/10
Beers in fridge 9/10
Walk to the festival ground 6/10

Photo: Santiago Periel
Photo: Santiago Periel

Queue to get in 4/10
Queue jump for press 10/10
Ability to sneak stuff past security 6/10
Cool bracelet scanner 9/10
Workers’ English skills 8/10
My Spanish skills 3/10
Ease of finding bar 8/10
Price of beer 2/10
Plastic-cup-crowd-spillage 9/10
Goat’s political correctness 1/10

Goat, Photo: Dani Canto
Goat, Photo: Dani Canto

Group hugs at Suede 10/10
Asphalt World” hearing potential 0/10
Number of people singing correct lyrics 6/10

Suede, Photo: Dani Canto
Suede, Photo: Dani Canto

WiFi at press bar 8/10
Price of beer at press bar 8/10
Variety of British accents heard 8/10
Foot-ache from walking 4/10
Festival shoe choice 3/10
Religious experience watching Air 10/10
Timing of sunset 9/10
Sexy Boy 10/10

Air, Photo: Eric Pamies
Air, Photo: Eric Pamies

Toilet availability 7/10
Toilet paper 5/10
Toilet paper availability 3/10
Losing phone in toilet 0/10
Meeting DTSQ 10/10


DTSQ’s English skills 5/10
My Korean skills 0/10
Ability to spot Germans in crowd 9/10
Ability to spot friends in crowd 0/10
Ability to lose friends in crowd 10/10
LCD Soundsystem singing “Where are your friends tonight?” 7.5/10
Foot-ache from walking 8/10
Attractiveness of crowd 7/10
Attractiveness of crowd later on 8.5/10

Radiohead, Photo: Eric Pamies

Crying during Radiohead 10/10
Number of people you tell that you’re press 9/10
Journey home, lost and alone 1/10

In numbers:
Cost of beers: circa €50 per night
Cost of international service charges from cash-point: €49
Cost of lost phone (bye bye Sony Xperia Z3+…): €350
Cost of fun at Primavera: Priceless (yeah, you knew I was leading up to that…)

Primavera Sound 2016 overall 9/10

See you next year, Barcelona!

And if anyone wants to give me a phone, ac@staging-berlinlovesyou.kinsta.cloud


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