Die Gl’Amouresque Bring Dance, Fire and Flirtation to Ballhaus Berlin

By Andrew Cottrill . October 14, 2016

Die Gl’Amouresque is a Berlin-based burlesque and cabaret group who play with vintage themes, whilst adding their own modern take on classic styles of dancing and story-telling. They’re five professional dancers who each bring their individual talents to the stage, including: fire, film, singing, dancing and more.

This Saturday night, October 15th, they’re bringing their successful Edinburgh Fringe show to the lush ambiance of Ballhaus Berlin. I caught up with them for a chat about their upcoming show.

Photo: Paul Green

Firstly, who are Die Gl’Amouresque?

Our MC is Mademoiselle Lola the confident Matron of the Ladies. Tara D’Arson is passionate and seductive. Amelia Dellair is a woman of detail who knows what she wants. Mariah Moreaux is playful and powerful. And Rose Noire is a flirtatious trickster.

How did they meet? How many shows have they done together?

We all met while working together at Friedrichstadt-Palast. We have just returned from a very successful Edinburgh Fringe run this past August and we are currently rehearsing for our seventh show.

Photo: Paul Green

How would you describe the Die Gl’Amouresque show?

The show is mix of cabaret and Burlesque. Although it does not have a set story line, it flows in a way that carries that audience through fantasy, story-telling in individual numbers, and an overall spirit of showcasing each artist’s talents to let their characters shine through.

Each character draws on iconic women, usually performers, from the last century. The character will usually be dressed and dance or perform in the style of the time period of her chosen woman of inspiration. The characters are also inspired by the dancers’ own personalities.

Photo: Paul Green

What’s the main difference between working in a big production like at the Friedrichstadt-Palast, and a small, five-person burlesque show?

They are worlds apart. The difference is that we created this. We do all the work behind it. We can change it if we want. We design our costumes, pick our music and create all of our choreography. Our show is a constant work in progress that is always changing and evolving, which keeps it fresh and interesting.

At Friedrichstadt-Palast, we performed the same show six days a week for a two-year run, and although this was great stage experience in a beautiful theater, we had little opportunity or time to explore new avenues of performing.

Photo: Paul Green

What’re the most important qualities for a burlesque performer to have?

Confidence, a sense of self, creativity, risk-taking and a sense of humour… Creating routines that suit your own figure is very liberating. We all come from a professional dance background where our bodies were often critiqued and, instead of highlighting our own individual traits, we were for the most part expected to fit a mould. In this way, burlesque gives a performer a sense of freedom. And nudity can be a great way of expressing yourself.

Photo: Elitsa Zafirova

Why is Berlin cabaret/burlesque still alluring to people, and what attracts you to produce a show here in 2016?

We created Die Gl’Amouresque as an escape and an outlet to try new ways of performing. It was the challenge we needed while working in a very structured routine. It was more about having fun and creating than knowing we were going to produce our show.

Cabaret was a popular and underground way to let loose and feel free. In 2016 we think this spirit of freedom and openness is important for everyone to discover, especially in a time where closed-mindedness is becoming evermore present.

Die Gl’Amouresque perform on Saturday October 15th at 22:30 at Ballhaus Berlin, Chausseestraße 102.

Visit Die Gl’Amouresque’s Facebook event.


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